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  1. So i have got it to work but how can i make myself and my student connect to my simulation so we can practise? Can someone give me a short tutioral how to do it please? Thanks
  2. When i try to open the server it says i need to locate a licence key, where can i get one from?
  3. Ok. Ill give it a try and see what happens.
  4. Thanks Todor, Where can i get a license key from?
  5. Hoping Gergely Csernak will respond to this post...
  6. I support your opinion Don, and no Tom not yet. Still looking for a fix guys.
  7. Hi, I have already opened the ports, 6809 and 6810. Does it matter if i have set them both as TCP/UDP or do they need to be UDP only? I read that page last night and still nothing works, i have tried with multiple people and they are struggling to connect to my private sessions.
  8. Hi Guys, So I like to do Private Simulator Sessions with my Students as i am only S2 I don't have access to Sweatbox. I have been using Hamachi to make proxy connections but for some reason it doesn't work anymore. I was able to do it a few months ago, i didnt need to port forward and everything worked like a charm. But now i can't do anything at all. I start the "Simulator Server via Proxy". I type in localhost as the Proxy Server. Then I start the proxy connection then start the server. (The planes are then visible for me on the ground and everything works normally on my end.) I t
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