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  1. Congrats guys! New Team, Fantastic activity line up (like CTB, 6 legs of World Flight), Training enhancements, Growing hobby in the region - looks like all checks completed and ready for take off... Alan and Anthony, Special thanks to you two for everything you have done to get things going again
  2. Congrats and looking forward to flying in an event there in near future
  3. You have done the right thing and am sure many will follow. Thank you for your wonderful work with vPilot
  4. Interesting - just visited CTB.IndiavACC.in without any problems / didn't notice any issues.
  5. Thank you all for info and interest. Josh - I will send a message with details about TS by tomorrow. We will be having a quick chat with all participating vACCs for the event at 1600z this Sunday so if you want you can join us then.
  6. Date and time will be confirmed this weekend - so will post it here on Sunday. May end is what we are looking at right now - tentative date 23rd.
  7. We are currently planning an event in West Asia and need some controllers with experience of controlling at Kathmandu. Please let me know if anyone is interested - Thank you.
  8. hmm interesting. It should work as long as you have CFG file calling out the AI folder's (from sim objects) name correctly and have matching set properly in vPilot settings - may be someone else can shed light on this.
  9. Make sure its the first (above default fsx and any other that you might be using) in that list on the left.
  10. Definitely I have signed up for the demonstration flight team so will be carrying my rig there - so if VATSIM Boston ARTCC has any VATSIM specific demonstration planned then will be more than happy to join.
  11. If anyone here is going then I will see you in Connecticut First time going to this flightsimcon and looking forward to meeting new people.
  12. same thing has happened to me twice. Unfortunately I haven't been able to recreate this problem - it happens randomly. The first time, in QW B757, I was with Radar controller without any problems and then after hand off I couldn't establish voice contact with Director. My text was working fine on the freq but I couldn't send or receive voice; mic wasn't muted because I was talking to other pilots on TS about the problem. I couldn't figure out how to make it work, neither comm changes nor vPilot restart worked. Interestingly, when I switched to Tower, everything started to work fine.
  13. Thank you everyone for the help here I will look into the VMR Generator.
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