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  1. All I can suggest is: ensure you have the latest software release here: https://audio.vatsim.net/docs/2.0/pilots/vpilot Make sure you run the program in admin mode, this should hopefully help with your problems. Regards
  2. Would it not be easier to load up at another gate? (Sorry dont use Xplane).. but it may cause issue with the controller online if you start moving around the apron
  3. My thoughts and prayers with his family and friends. A man who made a major contribution to our community, who's legacy will live on. Thank you Michael Frantzeskakis for Servinfo, RIP
  4. Always enjoy a good night time shot! Very nice.
  5. Hi, hate to be the one, but the closing date for this post is in the past? Regards, Joseph
  6. Awesome shots!! Flight sim has come so far in recent years
  7. Have you downloaded the UK controller pack and installed that again?
  8. You'd be best contacting the local VACC's Swizterland : http://www.vacc.ch/en/about_vACC-Switzerland/contact/ Germany : https://www.vacc-sag.org/?PAGE=contact_support Austria : https://www.vacc-austria.org/index.php?page=content/contact Hope these are of help, Joe
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