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  1. Hi Andreas, I tested the Bluebell CSL files on both XSquawkbox Open GL and METAL versions and it did not work on either version whereas my regular CSL planes are visible on Open GL but not visible on METAL which proves my installation is not defective. Tomorrow I will initiate installation of SWIFT now that I have a complete set of Bluebell OBJ8 CSL 1.3.5 planes available to install on SWIFT. Looks like they don't work on XSquawkbox. Regards, Mike
  2. No one else has commented to now, Andreas, if by tomorrow I didn't receive some advice, I'll proceed to installing Swift with your help because I don't know how to verify if xSquawkbox knows that the CLS files are in the proper path. I was careful to follow the directions precisely. Regards, Mike
  3. Hello Andreas, Thanks for your positive answer, I have downloaded the 12 Bluebell OBJ8 CSL 1.3.5 zip files, have opened them and installed in X-Plane11/ resources/plugins/XSquawkbox /resources/CSL as suggested in the instructions. I already had CSL files in there which I deleted before installing the new ones. All Swift files had been deleted from my system before doing this. Next, I logged in to X-Plane, went to an airport were traffic was active, connected to Vatsim, could communicate with ATC, they could see my aircraft, I could not see any other aircraft although there were
  4. Greetings Andrea, I'd like to try again, but I'll need serious help. I agree with you that one of the issues is the CSLs, not only have they been converted, they have not even been obtained yet, I don't know where to begin with this. Have you the willingness to help me again ? Maybe this time I'll succeed with your help and patience. Mike
  5. Just tried to join SWIFT since XSquawkbox 2.1 does not work with X-Plane 11.51 on a Mac. This is the third time I have tried, the first couple of times trying ended up in complete frustration which wears off after a couple of months. So after this time, helped with videos which did not help much, I gave up again in frustration. I'm back on XSquawkbox 2.1 where I can communicate and do everything except see other fliers, VATSIM, do something to update XSquawbox please! Thank you.
  6. Thanks for your reply, Mr Collins, I fully respect your position, and can appreciate your views. Benevolent work is the backbone of our hobby. I recently updated to Plane 11.50 Metal and I'm not going back, this new version is phenomenal, just about no more stuttering and higher frame rates allowing smooth flying and an upgrade to rendering options as a bonus. I love online flying, as a matter of fact, other than the odd flight using the C172 with REP, 99% of my flying time is with the Zibo737/800x online. So, because of the constraints with XSquawkBox 2.0 I decided to try Swift. Aft
  7. I am using only one plane to fly on Vatsim, the Zibo737/800x model. I would doubt that Zibo's plane needs anything done to it to make it compatible. I read earlier that I will need Squawkbox 3 installed to be able to continue on Vatsim using Plane 11.50 Metal. I was wondering what the status of this new Squawkbox version 3 was. Is it ready yet, if not, can we get an idea as when it will be available? Thanks in advance, Mike
  8. X-Plane 11.50 has been final for several days, I've updated to it from version 11.41 I've read this thread and it seems to advise that Metal won't be supported until 11.50 is final 11.50 is indeed now final and I can communicate with ATC on Squawkbox without problems, they hear me, I can hear them but I can't see other traffic around the airport I'm parked at although I know there are plenty of other fliers there. Is this a continuing problem or am I missing out on something? when I was on open GL two days ago I had no problems whatsoever seeing the other flier
  9. Today I flew on VATSIM from EHAM to LFPG. Coming in to LFPG my frame rate went down to 8 which is unusual. While at altitude, my frame rate was around 35 to 45, only when on FINAL to Rwy 26L in LFPG did my numbers go down to 8. Obviously I got disconnected. There were center, approach and tower controllers on duty and there was quite a bit of traffic and action around the airport. Could this be the cause of this slowdown in my frame rate? Could the fact that Vatsim was working on incorporating MSFS 2020 into the system the cause? I'm on a Mac flying XPlane 11.41 using the Zibo
  10. First of all, I must say that the new voice Vatsim is excellent and I thank all those volunteers that worked hard to make it happen. Now back to the title of this post...which piqued your curiosity: If I had my druthers, I could do without the bird on steroids chirp that welcomes me everytime I log in to Vatsim. Just a thought. And while I'm here, it would be nice if I didn't get a message, on a regular basis while online, telling me I'm going to be disconnected in 28 seconds because my frame rate is too low when it's actually somewhere between 42 and 45 frames per second. That'
  11. I've been in situations where there may be a list of so many controllers online that it becomes pure guesswork for the pilot to to start punching frequencies hoping to hit the correct one first try. Being alone in a flight deck of an airplane normally needing two pilots to do the job has its challenges without throwing in the requirement of having to contact ATC no matter what. I think compromising is the solution. If I'm on autopilot and can do, I will initiate the contact but if I'm in a situation where I need four hands to manage things, maybe the controller can call me up and give me
  12. Why was it changed? Sort of strange communicating with a number or a nickname, everybody should use their real name in my opinion.
  13. I've been trying for two days to log into the new VATSIM network without success. First I tried with SquawkBox and was able to do anything I've been doing on the old system for many years but on the new system I was able to do everything except communicate by voice. So I switched to Swift and installed, I think properly, and now I get nothing. Here are a couple of screen shots of my installation on a Mac: /Users/michaeleamer/Desktop/Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 2.55.46 PM.png /Users/michaeleamer/Desktop/Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 2.53.18 PM.png To me it looks as it should but it's not obvi
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