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  1. It is clearly a personal thing--most people didn't even recognize what I meant when I said squelching noise. For me, it seemed loud and happened so often that I didn't realize it was tied to incoming messages. As I said, I listen for my call sign so don't need it. If it just played when I get a message I would consider turning down the volume of the sound and keeping it but for now I have just renamed the file so it doesn't play at all. Thanks everyone for your help and thanks to vpilot for a great program. I'm a member of a VA and we are pretty much 100% on vpilot not because it is compa
  2. Yes, the stay on top works on the second monitor. I listen for my call sign and don't really need the squelch sound. It plays a lot more often than just when I'm getting a message, I hear it all the time. But maybe that is configurable. In any case, I think I'm better off without it. Just a personal preference thing.
  3. It's the intermittent "squelching" noise that I think is there to simulate RW traffiic?
  4. How do I stop this? Is there a wave file I can delete? Thanks.
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