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  1. Jonathon, seems I may have missed the good crowd, but as a whole vatsim has been great. I have something like 1200 hours on vatsim, and I shouldn't only highlight the bad bits, it's the internet and it happens. But I'm trying (badly) to point out that the most vocal people who bang on about the lack of quality pilots are the same type of people I reference.
  2. Knowing the absolute basics yes, I agree. Earlier in the thread, people were ranting about new people not knowing a specific sid/star. But were they asked if they know how to do it. Or was it a quick garbled canyouacceptthesupercalafrigic9adeparture rwy 9. All a new guy hears is blah blah blah runway 9. So he answers yes, because he knows what runway 9 is and doesnt want to piss off the grumpy controller. He doesn't know what his equipment code means in his flight plan, pfskyplanner-g gave it to him. So off he tootles in his default fsx 737 thinking he is doing the right thing, al
  3. Where do I begin? Ive been away from vatsim for a couple if years until last week. Was a twr controller and have way too many hours logged as a pilot. I stopped controlling a long time before I stopped flying. Why? Attitudes of the older members, quite happy to jump and shout about everything you are doing wrong, but have no advice on the correct way to do it. I was more than happy to help out the new guy who wants to fly yssy to klax direct at 5000ft. If he just wanted to do that and not learn the real world way, that is 100% fine, because this is a game, a game that some peop
  4. Not controlling..but sitting on the apron with engines off, and ATC from the ground up Made me laugh for an hour. XX_SUP : Real quick i noticed you are squawking standby while you are in the air, can you please squawk normal while airborne ? LOCAL : ....im on the ground XX_SUP : I show you at 4300 feet LOCAL : on the ground at kslc XX_SUP : rgr XX_SUP : disregard
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