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  1. When you open the ASR file, does it ask you to make the selected sector file the active sector file? If so, AFAIK, you should click "no" every time you open a sector in which you wish to use vSMR. If you click "yes", it won't show any contacts until you restart Euroscope. If you're doing that already, make sure that VSMR is actually allowed to draw on SMR RADAR display types, by going into the Plugins setup.
  2. It would depend on how coordination calls are implemented, I suppose. In the system I worked with, you would call someone, they'd answer and you have full-duplex comms until you hang up, in which case, you don't need a secondary PTT at all. That said, we worked in pairs, so while the coordinating controller was handling the phone, the executive controller kept control over the frequency. That's not the case on VATSIM, where we're alone to work the traffic and the phone. (I don't know how it's done in IRL places where one ATCo also does both.) If I were calling someone, and had to get some
  3. It may be rare, but it does have a few uses, even IRL. Nearest airfield to me, for example, is mixed military - civil. Although most of them usually are, not all VHF and (secure) UHF frequencies are cross-coupled, as the military sometimes doesn't want to broadcast everything in the open. To reduce ATCo workload and avoid mistakes, the ATCo doesn't have to enable / disable radios, but has two PTTs instead. Another civil-only airport nearby has one controller to handle GND and TWR. If I remember correctly, they also use separate PTTs, so as to not disturb air work with ground ops, especi
  4. Reference following pictures: With these settings, I would expect the Final altitude (PFL) to be one colour for ODD altitudes, and another colour for EVEN altitudes. Unfortunately, that didn't really work as expected, so I did some testing and found that it does not look at the Final altitude, but rather at the Temporary altitude (CFL) to define the colour. EVEN PFL should be blue, ODD PFL should be amber. If CFL is different to this logic, PFL is coloured incorrectly. (see text annotations) Tested in v26 through v29. Any chance this could be addressed in a future update?
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