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  1. It works best with PHPvms from what I know. It seem too complicated from there, I think most of it is done for you.
  2. Did you put the paint file in the liveries folder for the correct aircraft? Also, about your airline, free websites sometimes turn people off.
  3. Still not sure about X-Plane 10? News from X-Pilot.com
  4. Go into "Joystick, Keys, and Equipment", then buttons. Then, just change what that button does in the sim, but not what it does in XSB.
  5. I meant I forgot to put the "In the plugins folder" part.
  6. My bad, didn't even realize I left that part out.
  7. Can we get the information on your mic and computer. I've never seen this happening before.
  8. For starters, you need to put the contents of the "for plugins folder" that came with XSB when you downloaded it. Then, open X-Plane, get to the airport and aircraft you want. Next, go to the plugins menu at the far right of the menu bar (The one that drops down when you mouse over it) and mouse over XSquawkbox. From there, click on connect and put in all the information you need. From there, the PRC is all you need.
  9. What do you mean fly with me? Do you mean share a cockpit and fly together? Because that is impossible with X-Plane as far as I'm concerned, you can only do that in MSFS.
  10. Destination is hard enough, no way to make it all the way and have room to land.
  11. When in doubt, always delete preferences. If that doesn't work, plugins are quite possible.
  12. Check your preferences and plugins. I also don't have the same issue with that setup, so those are more likely.
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