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  1. To all the other centers thank you and i will most certainly be coming over to you guys soon. Alvarez i know i saw that on their web site and this should not be...IFR aircraft dont get priority over VFR and vise versa. Otero haha thats is a good idea im doing that tonight. there is always a way around everything haha thanks man!!! Daniel it is there was no traffic in DFW when i logged in and they have plenty of runways that werent being used...i just want my closed traffic haha...
  2. Thank you Brian i will. I just feel like i should be able to have the same rights over IFR aircraft. and i believe the other sup felt the same way. i will contact him thanks you
  3. Today at about 0500z, I logged into KDFW in my C172 to do some VFR traffic pattern work but i was denied clearance by the center even though there was no one on the ground. I asked him why? and he replied it is prohibited at both DFW and DAL. I knew these were violating my rights right away. I mean come on all I want is to fly my 172 at a major airport in the states with live ATC and the only way to do that is on Vatsim. I guess not huh. I told him i have done closed traffic in the Orlando Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B before and had no problem. He replied then go fly over there. I wolleped FTW c
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