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  1. Hi Phil Don't give up. I will be using FS9 until it's unusable I cannot justify spending thousands to build a high end machine plus all the addons to get the same level as I have now. The swift development team is not big but my goodness they are not dropping FS9 support, I can see this first hand. As mentioned earlier in the threads FS9 was a side project on this but in reality it is being worked on. Not many people as far as I have seen have provided much feedback for FS9 so that makes things a bit harder to develop. I have found issues with swift for FS9 but I am trying to help the
  2. I will see if I can figure out something on this as I also have the model set too. Regarding being forced.. Fsinn has not been updated for years and now we the amazing new voice I would really say this is a great change. I was using fsinn for at least 10 years now but now I have started using swift I am really happy that fs9 has modern software support. All change is hard but I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ure you this change is worth it for once
  3. Hi Rob Quite the opposite. Now there will be more fs9 testers so more chance of fs9 living on with vatsim .
  4. I think if there is a user base then that is probably what is being considered and those of us on fs9 are fewer and fewer each year for sure. Fsx is 13 years old! Fs9 is only two behind that. I don't think anyone suggests halting development just because of us fs9ers but we'd like to be taken into consideration as the cost to get a new PC and all the same scenery coverage, aircraft etc adds up to a very large amount so it's not always a flat out refusal to move on, I wish I could sometimes . After being a vatsim member for around 14 years it's something I would like to still be able to
  5. Thanks all. I think my original question is answered as best as it can be for now. I'll keep an eye out for any official communication.
  6. Oh dear so that would spell the end of using fs9 on vatsim in that case. Cheap on Steam for fsx maybe, however to get the same amount of add-ons to get it to the level I have now is many hundreds more... X plane will be the next sim for me but need to get the mega pc built first
  7. 100% agree with the posts for FSGRW. I got it earlier this year for FS9 and I hope it will work for some time as it is excellent.
  8. Hi This all seems fantastic and something that a lot of people including myself are looking forward to. One question though is in regard to us FS9'ers . As swift development for fs2004 is not being worked on as per one of the other threads running in the forum we will not have a newer client to use for fs9 so will it there be any issue with using our wonderful older clients like FSinn with this new codec?
  9. it doesn't have to be exactly central mine is below my monitor and to the right hand side of it. As long as the front is facing whatever reflective material it's using you should be fine. Wycliffe: I cut my hat up and just super glued the reflective piece aroiund my mike so now theres nothing visible worked well. By the way my advice is based around the older track IR so not sure about track ir 4. Dom
  10. it really is fantastic i have an earlier model and now i hate using 2d panels it runs so smooth and has no impact on FPS. Just make sure your system can run properly in the VC mode if frames are slow it makes the experience not so good. I would recomend this as an essential piece of hardware if you fly in the VC a lot. Dom
  11. i use end it all it really helps when i run fs it's hard to fine the origninal thought because and it all 2 is not free. If anyone needs the original freeware one i can forward it for you. Dom
  12. i can't find 'when it's ready' on my calendar!!!
  13. Yeah i'm trying to find out about that at the minute i was just looking for a quicker way but i will go down the microsoft route. Dom
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