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  1. On the topic of pilots declaring emergency's. I had an incident a few years ago where I was flying an approach and lost visibility in the middle of my screen. I later learned that my wife had set the anti virus program to run at 23:00 on Wednesday and it messed up flight sim. I apologized to the controller and told him I needed to log off due to the problem. His response was to ask if I was declaring an emergency and proceeded to handle it as such. Landed it and walked away. I wish I had checked his name as he handled it so well and I would have let him know he saved an online flight
  2. Yup. Tried that and got nothing. Tried the copy and paste after doing it by hand but my search still didn't work. The start menu search box doesn't recognize anything like that.
  3. Hey Ross! I don't know where I should look for that file. I thought my problem could have been due to gremlins in my computer compliments of a teenager plugging a friends thumb drive into our computer. A week later and after $79 to the computer repair guy I uninstalled vPilot and reinstalled, but get the same message. Todd
  4. When I download vPilot, I get to the final screen during download. As soon as I click on finish I get a message " vPILOT has stopped working. If I try to open vPILOT from the desk top icon I get the same message. Any idea what's causing this?
  5. Anyone know how to turn off the default ATIS in FSX? The other day I was enroute to Phoenix with LAX CTR. I started picking up the Flagstaff default ATIS on the same frequency. Makes communicating a tad difficult! Thanks ! Todd
  6. If you get an add on plane the AIRAC may or may not be fairly recent. My PMDG 737ngx was current when it was released in August when I bought it. The FMC will notify you when the cycle is out of date (q 28 days) however you can still fly in the sim world and the FMC will still function. I have not updated it yet and have only found one waypoint that has changed. When I bought the Feel There ERJ145 I think the AIRAC was around three years old. Updating with Navigraph was a must do with that one. Overall I've been satisfied with Navigraph. One thing to note is that credits expire. I thi
  7. I returned the 6850 card and bought a 560ti. I havn't noticed much difference graphic wise between the two cards. If anything I like the 6850 more as it was cheaper but the 560 is more user friendly, flight simmers seem to prefer it, and I'm sick of messing with it. After PMDG came out with their update for the 737ngx I saw a big jump in FPS with that plane. 20 fps went to 30 fps. I had been turning the sliders down to 3/4 levels while flying the pmdg plane and turning them to full when flying other planes. The other day I forgot to turn the sliders down before flying the pmdg and did
  8. Check the computer hardware help forum. There's a lot of posts, including my own, regarding graphics cards. Todd
  9. I've been using the card that came with the computer. Just a basic Intel HD. I don't know much else about it. I just installed a Gigabyte HD6850. So far I'm a little disappointed, but I don't know if I can blame the card. My goal has been to increase the FPS. I've been flying the PMDG 737ngx, and it really dropped the frame rates. With my old card my frame rates would be in the teens. With the new card my FPS have only increased by around 5 FPS. I'm in the high teens to mid 20's with the same scenery settings. I ran a 3D Mark Vantage program to test the card and scored 12,500 As an exp
  10. Yup, 400 watts. Opened up the case and found it on the PSU like you said. I decided to upgrade to 600 watts before I install a new graphics card. The card requires a 400 watt minimum PSU. One of my coworkers builds computers as a hobby and he's been pretty adamant about upgrading the power. I trust him since he's not trying to sell me somthing Thanks for the help Richard! Todd
  11. I've seen a number of posts where people say NVIDIA is better than ATI for flight sim graphics cards, but they don't give a reason for their opinion. I'm interested in hearing from users of both cards what they have experienced or heard. Thanks Todd
  12. Hey Richard! Don't know what the wattage is as I'm not sure where to look. I believe the card I'm looking at requires 400W.
  13. I'm planning on upgrading the graphics card that came with my computer, and my computer knowledge is limited. After doing some research online I've settled on the ASUS GTX550. The Geek Squad employee at BestBuy said I would need a separate power supply to run it and suggested the Corsair GS600. Do I need to upgrade with a power supply? Or can I install it with my current set up. My system.. ASUS CG5275 i5 [email protected] 8.00GB RAM 64-bit As I said, I'm not much of a computer person so opinions from everyone are appreciated. Thanks! Todd
  14. Don't know! Submitted a help ticket and never received a response. I needed the activation code for a product and said so in the help ticket. After trial and error I figured out where the code was located and got the plane up and running but it took a bit of my time. If any one else has this situation, the activation code is listed as " License(s)" in your order confirmation. Other than that issue I'm happy with the product! Thanks for the links! Todd
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