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  1. I'd like to eventually become a center controller in Colorado. On vatsim I've registered in the eastern division of the North American region. That area of the site doesn't give me the option to sign up for an ARTCC however. Is there a specific website URL I go to, to sign up for the Colorado training?
  2. Hi Vatsimers, I've been browsing in circles through the Controller Training section of Vatsim. How do I take the test to become a rated S1 ground controller? I've almost completed my first semester in my controller CTI and I'm confident in my abilities. I've downloaded the VRC software. Sincerely, Will Richards
  3. I can hear the controller just fine when I tune to their frequency on the show who is online tab. When I go to set up audio I get this screen shot. I have a built in microphone that the window can pick up and play my voice back to me. But once I've set everything up the controllers still can't hear me. I may have to buy a usb headset. Am I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igning the right Coms to my input and output fields?
  4. Yes I was able to finally get to the right frequency for my controller via my com2 . The freq was 125.8 but they weren't responding to me. I have a Mac and I thought I would be able to use my built in mike to communicate but no luck. Still no response. But at least I can hear them.
  5. Hi fellow VATSIMers. I think I'm all set. I've installed X plane 9 and Squawkbox in my plugins tab. When I drop the menu down I have the option to connect to VATSIM. The connection script appears in purple and it says I'm in. So where is everybody? I type a hello and get no response. I'm on a Mac so I should be hearing voice too. Nothing. At first I thought I was at an inactive part of the server. I tried to figure out Servinfo but couldn't get it to run right in my plugins folder. Instead I go Cayri. Cayri shows controller zones in Boston so I thought there would be activity there. W
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