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  1. .net 3.0 is the renamed winfx that was written for VISTA. It allows backward compatibility for programs written for VISTAs WPF to work on XP. Consequently, you should only use .net 3.0 in that circomestance. .Net 2.0 should be sufficient for VRoute and won't make the blindest bit of difference for VRoute or most other programs presently available.
  2. there is also a DET departure form EGLL as well as the DVR departure, so if they filed DET then they would be given a DET departure and not a DVR departure. and what i was trying to get across more than the designator was the fact taht UK TMA controllers should issue the STAR and landing runway on initial contact Wot he said...
  3. That's size-ist... The fields I control (and they are not major regionals) cater for all aircraft sizes. It's sheer beliger.. er pride, whatever to expect the ATC to conform it's landing and departing runway based on one particular type of traffic. Unlike the US, UK weather has a habit of being fast changing and unpredictable. Some would call it fun. I would agree that at EGLF, 24 gets more use than 06, but even yesterday, the weather changed so radically within the hour that a runway shift was relevant. You could have planned to come in on 24 if you had left Glasgow the previous hour
  4. As for Approach, which I am not so familiar with, I think* the en-route controller can give you a hint on what STAR to expect before handing you over to Approach. This gives you time to again program your FMC before hitting the final waypoint. *Please correct me if I am wrong.
  5. Besides, you don't get this info "on the taxiway", you get it when you request clearance. So you have the time and option to program that into your flightplan before contacting ground for taxi.
  6. Oh, by the way - for WOBUN the following SIDs apply... Westerlies WOBUN2G from 27L, WOBUN2F from 27R Easterlies don't route via WOBUN, but BUZAD would be a close match BUZAD3J from 09R If the wind is blowing from the East add BUZAD before WOBUN in your FP There are no SIDs from 09L because of construction of T5 (another RW Notam incorporated into VATSIM-UK procs...)
  7. No, A flight plan must not include the SID or STAR as they are at the discretion of the Controller concerned and are dependant of current flow controls and runway(s) in use at the time and anything else the controller may be aware of but you are not. That can include, but not limited to, RW NOTAM restrictions, which VATSIM-UK have a habit of incorporating into their work. You are expected to have all the charts for the SIDs and STARs available. There is nothing stopping you, after getting a clearance via a specific SID or STAR, to request a sqecific approach or a different departure. Just
  8. Is the UK server down again...
  9. We used to have one of those in my old firm. We called it TIGGER!
  10. I thought they can only apply speed control until 4dme, or is that UK only? Throw out the anchors after 4dme and slow to the appropriate landing speed for touchdown.
  11. Isn't saying fsx is rubbish in a xplane forum the same as saying PCs are rubbish in a Mac forum? If you want a balanced opinion, post it in the main forum and see what you get...
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