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  1. Hello VSOA Community, It is my pleasure to welcome a new SOA to the VSOA community, Royal New Zealand Air Force Virtual. This VSOA is under probationary status and is being mentored by RAAFvirtual.org Please make them feel welcome
  2. The VATSIM Special Operations Administration (VSOA) is seeking applications for the position of Deputy Director Special Operations. Responsibilities Assisting the Director of Special Operations in developing VSOA culture . Assisting the Director of Special Operations with overseeing partnership groups to include, but not limited to, processing of petitions for new organizations, maintaining oversight for compliance with VATSIM policies and serving as a liaison and assistant to partnership groups when planning and holding online events Any other tasks assigned by the Director of Special Operations Responsible to Director of Special Operations Position Requirements Be a member of good standing in VATSIM for more than two years at the time of application. Reasonable availability to attend all scheduled meetings for the duration of the meeting and engage daily in email and voice communications with other VSO Community. Have a thorough knowledge of the VATSIM Code of Conduct, Code of Regulations, VA/VSOA policies and procedures. Has knowledge and experience of VATSIM Special Operations. Experience of resolving conflict and building relationships within a volunteer organization. Have highly proficient English language oral and written communication skills. Desirable Attributes Good understanding of VATSIM departments & functions. Application Process Applications should be sent to [email protected] Applications should include; Detailed and evidence based examples of experience attributable to the position requirements and desirable attributes if appropriate. A personal testimony of why you want to join the VSO Leadership Team in this role. Incomplete or delayed applications cannot be considered. Applications will remain open until 2359Z 26th August 2020 Thank you for your interest.
  3. As its name suggests, this forum is for posting of anything VA related, comments, questions, suggestions, etc, and civil consideration and reply to the topics so presented. The emphasis is on 'civil'. Anyone posting to this forum will be expected to be respectful toward the views, opinions and ideas presented by others. The forum will be closely monitored and moderated. Deviations from the expected civil discourse will not be tolerated and will be removed and persons submitting such postings will be subsequently banned from this forum.
  4. Welcome to the SOA News Forum. This forum is open to all VATSIM members who wish to view news items, press releases, promotion announcements, partnerships, and other news items of interest to the VATSIM pilot and VSOA community at large. Post's & Replies must all adhere to the VATSIM CoR and other terms of service regarding the kinds of content that is not allowed, such as commercial sites and artwork, unauthorized use of copywrite material (airliners.net photos w/o permission, etc.), or content not directly related to VATSIM online flying and Virtual Flying Organizations. Unauthorized postings may be removed without notice by the moderators.
  5. RAAFv Invites all participants to EXERCISE PITCH BLACK 19!! Exercises such as Pitch Black are pivotal to the Vatsim Spec-Ops & VSOAS to ensure the membership is kept active, entertained & up to date with the latest processes that other VSOA’s are doing. The training and integration of forces that occurs during this exercise directly support RAAFv ability to conduct operations. Exercise Pitch Black features a range of simulated threats which can be found in a modern battle-space environment and is an opportunity to test and improve each VSOA’s capabilities, utilising one of the largest training airspace areas in the world — Bradshaw Field Training Area and Delamere Air Weapons Range. Activities such as Exercise Pitch Black recognises the strong relationship RAAFv has with its participant VSOA’s and the high value it places on VSOA relations and fostering closer ties throughout the VATSIM Spec-Ops Group. I kindly invite you to engage with this exercise pull as much information as you can and make the most of the various opportunities available to you. http://www.raafvirtual.org/
  6. Hello William, Try Contacting RAAFv They are already a VSOA and may offer some [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance and mentorship to help you it would be great to have another VSOA in the Oceania, But i do stress they MAY be able too
  7. Hello all, I have tried looking but cannot find if there is a way to use vPilot in a way we used to use FSinn in regrads to VSOA's why fly close formation on direct connect but we all cannot connect to vatsim as it gives us the doubleup effect of aircraft is there a work around or solution to this as yet?
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