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  1. As one of the Australian fleet who've just arrived at Beirut, can I say thanks to the controllers who came on line to cope with the m[Mod - Happy Thoughts] arrival; Excellent work by all involved , thanks again David
  2. If there is a Centre controller online, give them a call, we are normally able to provide an out of area service, if they are too busy they will let you know and then you can go to Unicom, David
  3. Thanks, expect it over there when I log off ..... David
  4. Great Programme Ross Could we have the Temporary [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned altitude available in the flight plan box (the F6 one) so that we can set all the items needed for departure in one place. At the moment I'm having to ammend the route in the FP, go to the scope to do a f8 nn for the temp altitude and then verify that I've put the correct data in using the flight strip bay David
  5. remember that IFR separation does not have to be with radar. In Australia several of the smaller towers are non radar and use procedural methods to achieve the separation standards. Even in your case something like maintain runway heading , climb XXX (above the MSA) then , cleared the approach would get you to the field and still allow all the standard to be met without the need for intervention of radar. Procedural control is a sadly overlooked area of ATC on VATSIM with virtual radar coverage everywhere. David
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