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  1. Can you share this script? I have a similar issue, curiously only with vERAM
  2. Going back into the config file I was able to move them to my main monitor. This issue also presents itself for secondary displays. If I move them to my second monitor they no longer show when I restart vERAM. This issue makes vERAM unusable to me. Is vERAM not coded to work on two monitors? vSTARS works perfectly fine across both of my monitors.....
  3. I installed vERAM and closed it. The next time I opened it the VSCS or the Text Communications box have disappeared and I can't get them to come back. I am running the program as an administrator. I also have a multi monitor setup and had them on the other monitor.
  4. Linked is the FAA ICAO FPL Quick Guide (2019) to help those in need of understanding the ICAO format https://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/headquarters_offices/ato/service_units/air_traffic_services/flight_plan_filing/media/FPL_Brochure_(2019-06-14_final).pdf
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