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  1. I'd like to congratulate everybody for the new Egyptian Division on VATSIM. However, I have requested that privately by email before from VATAME, under which VATEG operates and with no replies to my requests. The new VATEG is using copyrighted files without permission and the files have already been modified/altered without permission as well. I'm concerned because I'm the person who holds the copyright to those files. The files are what SCT, POF and alias files that are currently in use by all member of VATEG. When I was aware of my files being used without my permission, I sent a
  2. Hello Mark, You're absolutely correct, ES supports only the .sct file format. However, to have things working for a quick start, you need to have another file .ese with the same filename of your .sct file. THIS should help you. Cheers!
  3. Thanks for clearing things up The word "can have" confused me Cheers!
  4. Hey all, In the Scenario file, it says that the runway can have ils and the example is given for an ILS runway, what if I want to have a RWY available only for departures, or a runway that does not have ILS. How can this line be started? I tried to omit the ILS part and just start with the runway's name and it didn't read it. Regards,
  5. Hello Ahmed, Please send me an email to acceg1(at)egypt-vacc.org with your available times during this week so we can go ahead with your training and rating as well. Ali
  6. With that opened, anyone knows of a good external editor (freeware)? Cheers!
  7. It is with great regret that I announce today the closing of Egypt VACC. I have unfortunately had enough of arguments and too many conflicts. The website will close down on 1st November 2007, after 1 year, 1 month and 2 weeks of Egypt VACC being online. I wish everybody here a great future ATCing in VATSIM, and maybe someone would make another better Egypt VACC. It's been a pleasure serving here, I can't thank everybody enough, those who helped maintain and those who helped drive me to take that decision. Good luck! Regards, Ali Abou-Zeid (866739) Topic changed from "E
  8. I just discovered this feature yesterday. Wonderful stuff!
  9. Press your PRIM freq. button, and it will bring up your prim freq text channel.
  10. Oliver, I don't know the code of ES, but from a programming point of view, I guess it's not possible. Same reason you need to define sectors for higher priority areas before others (i.e. TWR before CTR), because as the first available owner of the sector is there, then he owns the sector. So, I guess, as it reads the .ese file, the moment it finds the sector (1) you defined for DEP, then it'll just use this one and ignore the other. If that's the case, I suggest using the same prefix, but different postfix of your choice, maybe informative about the RWY config. My .02
  11. Opher, I was actually going to suggest to check if the controller had their prim. freq. active or not yet. Another thing, for your info, the station is not called Cairo Approach, it's called Cairo Director. All other APP stations in Egypt are postfixed RADAR, i.e HESH_APP = Sharm El Sheikh Radar. The space before the radio callsign shouldn't make a problem. I guess it was a prim. freq. issue.
  12. I must thank Ahmed for all his efforts organizing this event! Thanks a lot, Ahmed. Looking forward for the BBQ party
  13. It was one AMAZING event. I had so much fun, except for the network connection problems. Ahmed already thanked everybody, leaving no one for me to thank. Thanks all for joining us, and we're planning to make it a monthly thing (with better network connection), hopefully. For MEA304B, apologies for I had to give you a right heading 230, but that was for separation. Had you after the conflict alert before entering my airspace descended to FL300 instead of climbing to FL340, I could have helped much more. Hope you enjoyed the tour over Alexandria though
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