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  1. Honest question here... It's been 6-8 weeks (not exactly sure of the timing) without a USA DD. It's also been over a month since the original application deadline. If VATUSA has been running smoothly in the meantime, is there really a need for a DD?
  2. For those interested, the ZLC website is back up and running at http://www.slcartcc.net/ Thank you for your patience during this time.
  3. Down, but not out. As Guy mentioned the server crashed and work is being done to restore it. The ZLC guys are hoping to have everything back up and running by this weekend.
  4. Wouldn't some type of bird be a better mascot?
  5. Not the place to discuss, but apparently the place to post? Sometimes I wonder... You are aware that Craig is the head of he EC as well?
  6. That was helpful James... Keith, You make valid points, however the issues appear to be that those questions are being asked, and then not answered fully...or vaguely. Perhaps it's time for VATNA/VATUSA to have an advisory board [Mod - Happy Thoughts]isting instead of a couple of individuals.
  7. This is already a function of VRC and ASRC: .log [filename] All found within the docomeentation: http://www.metacraft.com/VRC/docs/ Appendix A http://www.asrc.info/ASRC%20Docomeentation/Introduction.html
  8. [EDIT - Craig beat me to it!] http://www.naco.faa.gov/index.asp?xml=naco/online/d_afd Once you select a state, open the supplemental docomeent for the area. The TECs are contained within if applicable. Example (For the NY area - TEC starts page 142 of 286): http://www.naco.faa.gov/pdfs/ne_rear_15MAR2007.pdf
  9. The Cleveland ARTCC (ZOB) is seeking an individual to fill the role of Deputy Webmaster. Any interested and qualified applicant should submit an application prior to May 11, 2007. Requirements/Knowledge: * PHP * MySQL * HTML/DHTML Knowledge in the following is not required, but is highly beneficial. * AJAX * XML * Javascript * SOAP * Graphic/Image Creation * Be able to troubleshoot issues as they arise Candidates should provide at least one web page or web site they have designed, and also link or provide any graphics they have
  10. I'm honestly quite disappointed by this statement Mr. Temple. You have been selected to perform a job, regardless of the silliness occurring here. So, why does it matter what the forum looks like when you get home? Just do the job you were selected to do. Alan, it’s still an issue as VATUSA has not defined to this day what an “extreme emergencyâ€
  11. Michal, In what format would you accept routes to be imported into vroute?
  12. Well, I'll admit that's quite disheartening. We have almost 1300 routes listed on simroutes, and it would take me(us) quite some time to re-input them into your system correctly. I imagine most of the other ARTCC/FIRs will encounter this issue soon as well.
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