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  1. Zoomed out a tad while running GND for Sacramento Scramble last Saturday.
  2. And less than 4 months later I have my S1 in ZOA. I enjoy flying online, but all I really want to do these days is control.
  3. Just did my first. KCMH-KATL with Delta Virtual. KCMH ground was on, and it turns he's also in DVA. His name is Chris Custer. Great guy, helped me with everything I needed to know, though that was mainly confirmation on things. Then I approached Atlanta and contacted Atlanta Center. The controller was Richard Walls. He was fantastic with me as well, especially when I fudged my descent and approach due to an FMC problem. The runways were switched on approach, not a big problem, Richard vectored me around a bit. Then I got cleared for the visual on 26R and put it down in a decent manner and
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