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  1. Hi Everyone Well thank you all kindly, For all advice and Kind words of re[Mod - Happy Thoughts]urance. I think i will keep on reading tonight. Then Sometime tomorrow i am going to Do my First Flight I'm still nervous, but hey i got to Be positive. And just do it, then never look back. Thank you all again Alex
  2. Mathew thanks for reply, Where did you Do your First Flight and in what If dont mind me asking. Thing i worrying about is What if i get it all Wrong especially With ATC. Alex
  3. Hello Everyone, As you can see by the title im a newbie Vatsim Pilot. I have all of the software installed and configured correctly, Been flying FS now for about 3 and a half years online offline, Also have our own Va With FSAirlines, I have been on Listening To Pilot's And ATC. So why do i feel Nervous as hell, About making the next step which is actually Submitting a flight plan And Flying it? I have never flown using Proper ATC, And i suppose my Flying Skills are not what you would call Proper, I just dont want to mess this up For myself or for anyone else
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