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  1. There is a lot of work for VATSIM Pilot Training organisations to do… I just hope that we're not too far behind the curve. Or someone just chose to inject some humour into his/her "ready to taxi" call
  2. Thanks to all the people who explained what an overhead approach is. Sounds like it would be 'interesting' to attempt in a C17, but I suppose if you take your turning circle large enough it would work.
  3. Well I'm not a controller, but yesterday on the PHNL unicom I heard (well, read really): ": On the download for overhead approach runway 08L". Since it was a C17 I'm [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming an 'overhead approach' is a military thing (if not, please educate me), but I doubt it has a 'download' leg.
  4. I flew in from LGTS and had great fun. A big thank you to all the controllers!
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