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  1. Guys hey, I would like to use whatever I can in order to really maximize my research and to feel as comfortable as I can before I start my training. I have an American PPL. 61 hours, 31 PIC. I am a Lithuanian citizen so I have an Euroean p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]port and I can work all over Europe. I am about to start my training in Czech republic near Prague. It's a flight school and not an Academy. My question for you guys if someone knows or have the info, is do you think it's possible to join an airline from a flight school and not an academy like say... Jerez or Oxford? There's a huge hu
  2. thanks for the answer, BTW i am not talking about liveatc, i am talking about the sound from the real cockpit, when i been in the cockpit a week ago.
  3. Hey fallows, after a awesome vacation in Italy i am back in the business. i filmed the landing in Munich and will upload it today (from the cockpit!) i just have a question about the atc sound. i have already started a discussion about it, but didn't get good results. i am using fsinn and checked the realistic distorted sound, but for me it's not enough i mean it's far from the realistic sound, is there any other ways to make it realistic?? thanks very much in advance!
  4. Hey, i don't mind use softwares, if there's a good one why not?(:
  5. Hey, i did not find the VHF transmission, where is it? in the various section? of the fsinn?
  6. hey thanks, what abound the inband voice signal tone volume? is that will help too? thanks(:
  7. Hey, thanks for the reply, where can i do this on fsinn?
  8. Hey folks, i just wanted to get some tips how to make the atc sound to be as real as it can. i am listening to a real atc at liveatc.net, and i want to hear as close as possible, somebody tips? thanks(;
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