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  1. I experience the same issue from time to time, never found out why. When saving the file again it usually works fine, maybe something about the format? The teleportation to Antarctica sometimes also happens to airborne traffic by the way.
  2. Thanks, didn't realise that the quote on top of this thread was already outdated 😉
  4. Probably there is some post somewhere in the depths of this forum answering my question... Maybe somebody can post the respective link as an answer, as I didn't find it. I am aware that a GND-controller does not control the RWY in use, as this is outside of his AoR. Nonetheless he attributes SIDs to a specific RWY, even if nobody is online controlling the RWY at his airport. So he probably even indicates what RWY he is using in his controller information, which is not forbidden according to the CoR. Of courses a pilot could request a clearance for another RWY, but why should he if
  5. Yeah, reading is difficult. And a program that freezes as well, as you read above, didn't you
  6. Me too, and it freezes after a minute or so and does not respond anymore. I went back to version before this and it works again.
  7. Sometimes text pilots are forgotten, if the screen is not kept up to date by deleting the text messages in the main window for example. And if it's busy I tend not to detect new text messages, as they are not that prominent compared to the aural inputs from the pilots. But that isn't an excuse, as a proper scanning should make you awar of a pilot being way to high at the FAF and the ATC instructions should still be given in due time. I'm using EuroScope by the way. Language shouldn't be a factor, as with EuroScope any instruction for a text pilot is alredy entered as text and can be sent
  8. Thanks for the information. Are the pilots alreeady transmitting on the next frequency and it is only a kind of lag thing that I can hear them or did AfV not permit them to switch correctly?
  9. Since a few days it looks like many pilots are unable to change correctly to the next frequency and still transmit on the old one after having been sent to the next sector. Is this an issue with AfV, the heavy traffic on the network in general or just way too many pilots forgetting to push the frequency switch button? It didn't seem to be that bad some weeks ago.
  10. Almost solved: McAfee seems to be the culprit. When disabling the real time scanning, the AfV Client works perfectly. Unfortunately that's all I found out so far, removing the files from the real time scan is not sufficient, I have to disable the scan completely.
  11. Yesterday evening I wanted to control (Euroscope), unfortunately the AfV Client crashed every time I tried to start it. Never had an issue before, no changes made to the system in the last month or so. And it still crashes today Repair, uninstall-install, reboot, registry cleaning, running the program as administrator (settings), etc. did nothing to mend the problem. Screenshots of the error message and AfV Client: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1W5rznnb3eTkfPX9y9fnmulbFcbMEihuY https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OMQoxdoaxElg_5-HoRni56q59ptF7CKY I'm getting the following message
  12. No, just that it was a Delta callsign flying LSZH-LOWW as far as I remember. DAL2448 or something like this.
  13. Last Tuesday I experienced some issues with the VATSIM servers and was kicked out several times, including many pilots. After some 20 minutes I got a call from a pilot that, as I discovered later, was not anymore connected to the VATSIM servers and therefore not visible on the radar screen. Once I told him to check his VATSIM connection I was able to see him on my radar screen. Is it normal that the voice connection is kept while the connection to VATSIM is lost?
  14. For whatever reason it worked again on Sunday afternoon with the Sweden-server. I was connected as an observer. Hopefully this remains the case
  15. No weather available for me either, regardless of the server I use. I'm using the latest beta-release of ES.
  16. Using the latest beta (2018-10-14 build version (3.2a(r18))), I am experiencing from time to time an "Unspecified error" message, after some second a second one pops up. No impact as far as I can see, I can just click them away and everything continues to work fine.
  17. A few days ago I wanted to make a training session (2 PIL, 1 ATC) using the latest ES beta version (r15). Unfortunately the second pilot was unable to let the aircraft take off correctly, some aircraft just changed their position by some 700 miles to the south and others appeared on wrong coordinates. It didn't matter if we were on the sweatbox server or on my FSD-server. Once I changed to an older beta version (r12) I was kicked out repeatedly from the sweatbox server (same problem as Giorgio? viewtopic.php?f=71&t=74373) . Only when we changed to the FSD server the simulator worked f
  18. Everything seems to be working fine again, was just online for over 30 minutes on the sweatbox without any issues.
  19. Last week I tried to to a SweatBox session with Euroscope (latest beta-version). After connecting successfully and even starting the scenario I was kicked out and the error 10061 was shown. Same for the trainee (don't know what version of ES he was using). After having been kicked out any reconnection attempt was unsuccessfull for a few minutes, then it worked again for a short time. I didn't use the SweatBox in the past as using the FSD-server distributed with ES is more convenient as it doesn't disturb anybody else, therefore I'm unable to say when it worked properly the last time.
  20. I observed that with the latest beta-version (EuroScopeBeta32a12) and the standard v3.2 the speeds (especially the final approach speeds) are very low, something I didn't seem to observe before: - RJ1H: 86kts - A318: 93kts In order to overwrite the standard values coded in Euroscope I added a few lines in the scenario file to define the performance, but without any result. Do these performance data have to be somewhere special in the scenario file? I tried it at the end and before the flightplans, no change. Can I see the original values in ES somewhere?
  21. Have you tried to adjust the airspeeds defined by ES for the simulator? Not sure if this works, as in my simulations the planes need some time as well to adjust their speed to whatever is defined by ES. I don't mind as they start way out of the AoR of the sector being trained.
  22. http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=Simulator_Architecture
  23. Often there are waypoints with the same name, like those used for SID/STAR. Example: GG602 exists both in Geneva and in a country far north of Switzerland. When using this waypoint in a route ES doesn't necessarily use/show the right one, it just selects the first (or last). Which sometimes ends up in strange behaviour of aircraft. It would therefore be great if ES would recognise these waypoints and automatically choose the right one. The best solutions in my eyes would be if ES would choose the nearest to the previous waypoint. Or any other algorithm easier to implement. Until then
  24. Maybe I found the solution... Don't simulate any other ATC-station. Maybe it was just luck, but the first time this evening I simulated a TWR and holdings, etc. didn't work. The second time I let it run without TWR and holding, etc. were working fine. A bit weird that that could be the issue, but for now it's working fine!
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