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  1. I made a temporary fix, I got rid of the transitions on the BOMIT1, now it terminates at the last common fix then direct to the transition point when you plt the route. This elimainates doubles of the transitions. I sent a PM to Gergely about hopefully fixing it in the euroscope update that's coming out. I've been coordinating with other FIR's and were all hoping it'll get fixed.
  2. I'll try it out, thanks. My only concern is that will it recognize when the pilots filles the SID/STAR? If the pilot files, for example, BOMIT1.BERIK, would euroscope know to interpret it as BOMIT1BERIK (without dot or space). I'll do sme testing tonight, thanks
  3. It's just a format that we use in Canada that serves absolutely no purpose, since VERDO1 isn't a waypoint euroscope just skipps over it. I don't know why we do it like this, but I've tryed removing it and no luck.
  4. I'm the FE in the CZYZ FIR, I'm working on our sectorfiles and we have tons of new RNAV DP's. I defined the names "procedure.transition", but this doesn't work because we have multiple SID's that go to the same transition, one for props and one for jets. Euroscope is defaulting to the one higher up, so in the example below it will default to the BOMIT1.BERIK instead because it is higher up, it shows right in the fp, but in the departure list it shows the wrong one and same when you plot the route. SID:CYYZ:05:VERDO1.BERIK:VERDO1 BERUT VERDO AGNOB BERIK HELP PLZ
  5. How do you make an .exe that installs a sectorfile? I've seen it done before in ZNY but can't figure out how.
  6. I had found a tool awhile back that generated coordinates for holds. Can anybody send a link to it, I got a new computer since then and dont have it. thanks
  7. I'm making a new set of ATIS files. It's made using a computer's voice that sounds fairly realistic so people can add files with the same voice if needed. The .wav files are supposed to be in 117kbps, but when going through the voice program I'm using, they come out in 176kbps, so I have to convert them. I need to know the sample rate (Hz) of the output file. Can anybody help me, at one time I had the number and got some done, but I accidentaly erased the number. thanks
  8. I tryed contacting him about an account awhile back too and no response
  9. Ah, that clears it up, I played around with the lines and got the handoffs to work properly now, thanks for the help
  10. So how would I format that? When CYYZ_DEP, APP and CTR are online, CTR is supposed to handoff airriving aircraft obviously to APP. The aircraft however I guess go through DEP airspace a little bit or are above APP's when the handoff is initiated. So I would add the guest line into APP or DEP sector? I understand the format I think, just not sure in which one to put it. Thanks for the explanation, it confirmed that I understand the function right.
  11. still having trouble understanding the function of the guest line
  12. I was reading the docomeentation for euroscope and I don't understand what the guest line does. I understand it isn't required, but it may be the solution to a problem with handoffs. CTR is obviously supposed to handoff arrivalls to APP, but euroscope is handing them off to departure instead. From what I've read, if I add the line "GUEST:CYYZ_DEP:*:CYYZ" into approaches sector, then if an aircraft is in departures airspace, but going to CYYZ, then it will be approaches aircraft. I'm not to sure, the docomeentation is confusing in that part, can anybody confirm that this is correct. Thank
  13. I'm the CEO and WM of Canforce Virtual. I made the navbar that I like in flash and converted it t an .swf file. How do I get this to show on my site? I use PHPvms, what I've done so far is opened core_navigation.tpl and edited it, I also uploaded the .swf to the same directory as the core_navigation, not sure if it may have to go in same directory of index. I made the menu for ppl logged in, and once I get that working, I'll make another one for ppl not logged in and for admins. Any help appreciated, here's what I put in for code in core_navigation.tpl if(!Auth::LoggedIn()) { } if(Au
  14. I got another problem now. Contact form doesnt wanna work. In the action I just put "mailto:[email protected]". Anyone have a link to a good turorial or able to explain how to make it send properly, thanks
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