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  1. Hi Andreas, I noticed Qutescoop is no longer working on VATSIM (but still works on IVAO) I assume it's something to do with VATSIM's preparation for Velocity. I see in the settings page it is possible to enter a user defined location, see attached, any idea what the VATSIM data server settings are? Thanks in advance, Steve
  2. Hi Andreas, Sorry I missed you yesterday. i would welcome your help to sort my Swift issues out, Maybe we could arrange a mutally convenient time to meet on Discord. Thanks. Steve
  3. Yes and the Python script must be run from within the folder that the CSL objects are in thru Terminal. I have some aircraft showing but have just upgraded to and am geting a validation stopped warning models not accessible or too many issues!
  4. Hi Andreas, Okay I think I finally have it. You have to navigate to the directory in which your CSL Files are located in Terminal making sure you have copied the script file to the same folder. You then type the command "python3 CSL2XSB.py" and select Y in the window that opens. The script will then convert all files in this and any sub directories and advise you when it is complete. Cheers Steve
  5. Hi Andreas, I am really at a loss, I have tried all sorts of combinations and cannot run the script. Attached my latest effort. This is incredibly frustrating. Please also note your syntax is different to that on the x-plane link you have reversed the back/forward slash. I think we need a Python Mac expert?
  6. Hi again Andreas, I have followed the instructions on the link but am still unable to run the script. On double clicking I get no Y/N option only the two windows attached. It appears a command line is required, an example is given on the download page on the x-plane.org website: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/51730-csl2xsb/ but I have not been able to find a command that works. Any suggestions? Thanks Steve
  7. Thanks Andreas, I now have it working but am not sure how to convert the X-CSL/BB Aircraft files using Python, as at the moment I only have aircraft callsigns and no aircraft. I have Python 3 installed and am using a Mac but don't know the command to enter using Terminal. Can you please advise?
  8. Hi, Can you please advise how to convert X-CSL and BB files on a Mac. I have Python 3 installed but do not know the command to use in Terminal? Any help appreciated.
  9. Members 0 3 posts VATSIM ID: 1175132 Posted 5 minutes ago Hi, Having just upgraded to X-Plane 11.50 final, when conecting Swift to the network it crashes the simulator. This seems to be a problem with Swiftbus generating aircraft objects and occurs whether Metal is selected or not. Log file attached. Any help appreciated. Log.pdf
  10. I have recently encountered a problem in Swift where the Interface display is repeated over multiple desktops, but not with any other application. I suspect I have inadvertently selected something but cannot locate what. Does anyone elese have any ideas or has experienced a similar problem? Please disregard this post it was a computer issue.
  11. Works fine online with Pilot Clients when set to "None". I have found it also works with AI Aircraft set to another number but you sometimes get false TCAS indications from AI Aircraft.
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