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  1. Thanks. In our ARTCC (ZNY), we're trained to hand track off early and then comms some time later, so not having the frequency conveniently available is a potential problem because I need to chase the target a second time after handing off. I don't think there are actual coordination points, either, because so many of our SIDs and approaches require vectors. Now that I know what to look for I'll focus on that aspect of the TAG the next time.
  2. I'm getting back into ES again after a hiatus of a few years, as my ARTCC is now supporting it fully. I much admire its elegance and clean design, but there's one thing that I simply cannot figure out: I have no problem handing off radar track of a flight to another controller, but when I want to transfer voice communications, for the life of me I can't figure out where to look for that controller's radio frequency. I know this is all handled automagically for text comms, and I also know that there's a way to get the frequency from the tag, but as I understand it, that information is available
  3. Yes, Justin, that is it. I have a somewhat larger font installed in VRC. Will wait for the next version.... Many thanks. John
  4. Ooops. I guess posting an image is a little harder than I thought it would be. I tried the Insert image function, but that didn't work. Here's the URL https://imgur.com/a/6JkIt1q
  5. I have been having some issues updating to the latest version. The main screen appears odd, with what looks like some sort of default fonts. I have done multiple install/uninstall cycles to no avail. W10, of course, with all updates. I think I have the latest .NET framework, as that's what the .NET framework installer tells me. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Please disregard. The following error occurred when I tried to update, but a fresh download from the vATIS site did actually work. Thanks. ------------ I get the following unhandled exception when I try to update See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text ************** System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at (Object , Char[] ) at A.IOX.X(Object X, Char[] F) at A.OG.X(Object X, EventArgs F) at System.Windows.Forms
  7. Understood, Andreas. I'm really delighted that VATSIM now has a modern client for XPlane. This is of major strategic importance for us all. From my earlier work in the pilot training group, I have come to understand how high a barrier it is to participation by new members to successfully install that client and at least a basic set of AI models. Whatever cam be done to lower that barrier will enhance VATSIM's future viability. That will need to include both detailed written instructions as well as video tutorials, in as many languages as possible. Many thanks to all for their commitment.
  8. OK, I do have swift running now with XP, and so far so good. One observation/suggestion: the GUI contains a lot of information that the average user has very little use for while flying. Indeed, the UI seems confusing, especially when compared to something like vPilot. I appreciate that some of this info can be important for debugging purposes, refinement of model matching, etc., but when I'm flying, all I can deal with are the com frequences, ATC in range, and text message area. There's too much clicking to move between these areas now, or maybe I just don't know how to get the informatio
  9. Just as a possible temporary work-around, you might leave out all of those "DCT" entries. They're not needed by ATC. We know that you're proceeding DCT if there's no airway shown between two waypoints.
  10. Problem solved on Discord. Apparently I incorrectly applied the altitude offset data to the Airbus models and this was messing with the way the airbus models were being interpreted. Many thanks.
  11. FOLLOWUP So now I'm really confused. When I'm in the mapping tool and do a SELECT ALL on the Active Model Set, I get the errors as noted above. Just for fun, I connected to XP at an airport with some traffic. Those aircraft were depicted correctly in the sim, but the mapping validation failed. PS Should I be bringing this up in the Discord server rather than here?
  12. First, congrats to the Swift team for getting to this point. To those of us who are well versed in FORTRAN 66 and nothing else, it remains a miracle that anything so complex can be accomplished by the human mind. Second, I do have the communications piece of Swift working correctly, although I'm finding the GUI remarkably unwieldy, e.g., it's hard enough to fly and communicate, but there's a lot of clicking going on here, but no doubt that will improve over time as I become more used to this product. Where I'm totally stumped is in building the model set for X-Plane. I have been using
  13. For what it might be worth, I can share the personal experience of someone who issues PM-based PDCs at ZNY airports around NYC and Philadelphia. We have an extensive set of alias commands that cover the various PDC contingencies, of course, and I have programmed an iPad that I use to simulate an ARTS keyboard to also issue those alias commands at the touch of a soft key using an app called Keypad. It all goes very quickly and I can sometimes issue the PDC in 10 or 15 seconds once I have reviewed the flight plan and set the squawk code. The huge benefit of this methodology is that I can iss
  14. Two aids that have been created to explain the subject: http://www.faa.gov/tv/?mediaId=507 http://nyartcc.org/wiki/index.php?title=Impact_of_7110.65V_on_Operations The latter was prepared to guide controllers in ZNY. There are cases where the "Cleared via SID" phraseology is not used. I wonder why the FAA would try to simplify something by creating something that has significant exceptions..... John
  15. I would like to extend Mr. Nanish's remarks by noting that the Climb via SID (nomenclature) was introduced in April, 2014, as part of 7110.65v, which believe is the most recent revision of the ATC handbook. That is why one is hearing the corresponding phraseology being used more commonly over time as it is being rolled out in VATSIM training by the various ARTCCs. The explanation of the change is stated as and you can find the revised order at http://www.faa.gov/docomeentLibrary/media/Order/JO_7110.65V.pdf John
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