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  1. Now in all fairness the shoe can sometimes be on the other foot....and in this case down to some missing or difficult to decipher ATC maps at the controller end. My flight last night was made...interesting. Flying 4+ hours in a PC-12 from PANT to a little airfield up in Alaska called Wolf Lake (4AK6) which is around 20 miles ENE of the BGQ VOR (which itself is 25nm N of PANC). A fairly tricky approach is called for due to terrain (and really snotty weather) and it was the first time I had flown this route. After battling some rubbish headwinds all the way up I was maybe 40 miles SE of the
  2. Hi folks, Thanks for the quick and informative replies. Most helpful. Cheers Ted
  3. Actually as a member of two UK-based VA's you may rest [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ured I do have all the relevant charts! When I called London Control I knew I was within a couple minutes of the actual control zone (both on map and a heads up from the GPS); however, I mistook "top-down" coverage in this instance to include any aircraft within that zone and forgot about the altitude bit.....being at 2500' and my rough VFR plan skirting actual marked control zones. I just figured better to call . Now over the next week some of my flights are taking me (unavoidably really) through defini
  4. Hi folks, More of a clarification I suppose. If I am flying a VFR flight (say EGSF-->EGBK with a couple NAV points and NDB's along the way just as a NAV exercise for myself) and I happen to cross into the active London (or wherever) Control/Approach coverage; however, NOT penetrating any specific airspace do I: A-Contact the Control/Approach as a courtesy and request Basic service once I have entered the control area? or B-Carry on with UNICOM and await controller contact if they desire to do so? C-??? Cheers, Ted p.s. I only ask as I was flying the above
  5. Brian-just to double check you are running XP v9.6.7 correct? Do your gauges look anything like the ones off the PC-12/47 link I posted? While the aircraft is custom payware and the gauges are tweaked they are pretty much standard instruments within XP. You can even plainly see the naff GPS units . Sadly no magic settings and I do use 4X AA internal to XP and nHancer for my nVidia card. I would definitely post up your settings tab and perhaps wander over to x-plane.org and have a go getting some help there as they are rather quick to respond.
  6. Before you go sinking money into payware please take into account the "scaleability" of XP9. Where your system probably cannot run FSX X-Plane will scale to your system; however, the stronger the CPU the better it runs. And a "monster" gfx card coupled with an elderly P4 cpu may not be such a monster by modern standards. Now while I cheerfully gag at the lack of functionality within the XP default GPS and the rather ugly pastel coloring within the display I have not seen evidence of "tiny" buttons or a lack of "readability" even using the bleah default planes. This sounds like a settings i
  7. Say what? Please hop on over to AVSIM and peek at a couple of recent reviews for XP from Carenado and Shade Tree Micro. Not to mention earlier releases like the MU-2 and Falco. And the recent Dash 8 Q400. And the recent CRJ200. Which aircraft are you talking about? While I find the default XP aircraft utterly rubbish some of the payware and freeware is exceptional and the gauge refresh rates kill FSX...never mind FS9 . Perhaps you have a setting wrong somewhere? **edit**I do fly both XP (9.6.7) and FSX...enjoy both although to be fair I am now probably 80-90% XP and the balance F
  8. That menu item is only intended for aircraft which do not have a transponder in the cockpit (since a transponder is required to fly on VATSIM). If there's a transponder in your cockpit, use it to control the transponder. Ahhh that totally clears that up. The Shade Tree Micro PC-12 I have does have full avionics including fully functional transponder. I was just used to the FSInn business of having to still cycle the green/orange tally as well. In XSB I was clicking away in the plug in trying to make the standby go away All set and flying CYVR-CYCG as we speak. Thanks for
  9. One more question for you: I don't see anything like a mode controller on FSInn for Charlie. Do I just adjust my transponder via my cockpit controls? As in SBY on ground and flip to on/ALT for Charlie? I am not sure what the XSB standby mode does as it does not seem to toggle for me.
  10. Hi Brian. Apologies for the delay in feedback here. I was a bit under the weather the last couple days as well as flying on FSX for an event. Anyway I managed to get connected this morning and was able to establish voice comms as a test with a tower controller. What I am not clear on (bear with me here as my experience is only with FSInn): -Based on what you are saying I can only monitor 1 channel at a time? As in whatever COM1 is tuned to? -In order to type in the channel I am tuned to...I just hit "enter"...type message in little text box and "enter" again? -If I am tune
  11. Hi, I am normally using FSInn with FSX and have recently installed Xplane 9.64. I was able to get XSB up, running, and connected to VATSIM with no issues. OK a couple of hiccups along the way but all connected properly now. Where I am having some difficulty is understanding the difference between this XSB and FSInn as I was expecting some sort of user control panel; however, I see no such panel available. Perhaps I missed something in setup or the docomeentation? And yes both the .xpl and the folder are installed to the plugins folder. If this is normal-once connected how d
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