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  1. Hi Ross. Thanks for the new version. Some issues here: 1. Cant't start in debug mode. Shortcuts p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] an invalid command line argument... "-mmlog". If I delete it, debug mode works as expected. This one is easy to fix... 2) Networked configuration. Set IP on remote computer... default port 8809 on both sides... Start host first then remote app... then remote app hangs with message: Unhandled exception: value can't be null. Parameter name: key or something like that... It's in Portuguese, since my windows is also in Portuguese. On the host si
  2. Hi Justin. Congrats for the software!!! I use to control in Brazil and a lot of our airports have "~" and " ' " in their names, as Galeão International Airport in Rio de Janeiro. Please, look what happend when I set up an ATIS for SBGL... GALEãO - ANTôNIO CARLOS JOBIM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (in case the image doesn't show) I know (and understand) that some word/names in Portuguese soud terrible in English speech synthetizers, but with these extra chars, those names are just too wired. My sugestion is that chars like ã, õ, ô, ê, ñ, (and other alike) could be changed fo
  3. Hi Ross. I 've just installed the new beta version. Aircrafts position updates are smoooooooooth!!!! I also noticed the opposite bank/turn direction issue... a FDX (mapped to VIP texture) and a VIR (mapped to a default A321). Regards. Duran.
  4. Hi. And your AIRWAY.txt file??? Which cycle does it belongs to??? Can you find V313 in it if you open it? I might be wrong, but the definitions in the .sct file are used *mainly* for drawing purposes. ES uses data from the AIRWAY.txt file to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] the route, as it's able to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] a long flight plan route even if it goes out of your sector. Hope it helps. Regards, Duran.
  5. I would try to reinstall vPilot with "use empty configuration file "option checked. Good luck. Duran.
  6. That would be perfect for those (like me) that uses a laptop for managing ATC comms, and a desktop for running FSX in fullscreen mode, taking advantage of the smoothness of vPilot running together FSX in the same computer. Ross, the smoothness of vPilot and FSX in the same computer is just amazing!!! Hope everything works out!!!! Regards, Duran.
  7. Personally, I would never want my pilot client to use a hires model for traffic...it's a fast way to an out of memory issue... That´s correct!!! Imagine an event at a payware scenery airport with dozens of B738 at the apron... Low FPS and OOM error, for sure. vPiot's rules will not match any Boeing 737 (or 747 or 777) to a PMDG livery by default. You have to set up a personal rule on your own... read the docomeentation for further info. Regards, Duran.
  8. Hi again, Ross. My original networked configuration is a wireless one. I've just setup a cable one, to rule out the possibility of a bandwidth limitation on my wifi. Unfortunately, I had no success... it still stutters. I went back to the wifi network. Regards, Duran.
  9. Hi Ross. I just installed vPilot on FSX PC. It runs smooooooooooooth... beautiful... very different from SB4. But the networked config stutters. No doubt! I've tried some changes at simconnect.cfg, simconnect.ini and simconnect.xml... No success, too. Regards, Duran.
  10. I'm using SB4 on a networked configuration... no problems. Installed vPilot today flawlessly... no issues with installation or connection, indeed. Aircraft movements resembles SB4 stuttering... not better, not worse. Regards. Duran.
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