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  1. Hi Evgeny It is actually not entirely true that it is vACC based. The entity that publishes the sector file should sign up at GNG. In most cases on VATSIM this is a vACC, since each vACC has its own sector file. In other cases this even is a FIR, e.g. Germany, each FIR publishes its own file, however their files are combined on one download page: http://files.aero-nav.com/EDXX So if you want to have one sector file for the whole division then you could sign up the division. But honestly I do not believe that this would be a very good idea, as the file would become huge and take forever to load, further more stretching from something like 35°N to the north pole leading to difficulties when displaying, probably huge differences in magnetic variation... Usually the person responsible for the creation of the file signs up and is the "owner" of a vACC within GNG. This way he can set and revoke read/write rights of his vACC for new people, can register beta tester for his vACC and so on. Also we will contact this person in case of any abnormalities and neighboring vACCs will most likely contact this person if they need to discuss something, e.g. airspace borders or COPX. Sometimes it is also the vACC Director who signs up, it does not matter too much for us who it actually is, but it makes things easier if it is someone actually working with the file instead of VATGOV1 for the whole planet. I do not know why you exactly want to register the division. Is it that all files of your Division are on one download page? This could be easily done. Or do you want to be the owner of all VATRUS vACCs within GNG? Also this can be done, with the drawbacks mentioned above. Still someone would need to register each individual vACC (or each entity that publishes a separate sector file), either you or someone in each vACC. We can change ownership of the vACC to you thereafter.
  2. Installed the new version. Everything working fine. Thanks Ross for your continuous work on vPilot, really like this pilot client!
  3. One thing I would love is the ability to define an headset output device and a speaker output device and a button to switch between these outputs (something similar can be done in VRC). On longer flights I prefer to have the radio on the speakers during cruise but on the headset during the other phases of the flight.
  4. Hi Installed v2 over v1 today and it kept my settings nicely. Two small things: One thing I noticed is, that the box for sim selection is not scrollable, when more than 3 sims are installed (I have some fake sim installs for easier installation ). Another thing is, that when a new controller comes online while already connected, the name tag of this controller (appears when mouse-hoovering the station) is "unknown". Not sure whether this also happened in v1, but would not remember such a case.
  5. I am always happy to support. Regarding the mode S transponder and squawk 1000, I think this can be quite easily done using a LOA between the affected vACC. Everything else needs a longer time frame and more discussion. Please give me some time to check with my team.
  6. It is my pleasure to announce that Thorsten Raeth accepted the position of the VATEUD ATC Department Deputy (VATEUD14). He is taking over the position from Mike Welten, who has been in the department lead for the last year and a half and who wants to focus on his other positions. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mike for his efforts done for VATEUD. He has lead the department in a challenging time with several changes. Thorsten joined the ATC Department team a while ago and accepted to join the department lead. He is an experienced ATC controller and mentor from VATSIM Germany. With his help, we will continue to work on the new structure of the department. Please join me thanking both, Thorsten and Mike, for their continuing work for the VATSIM community.
  7. Evgeny, I have created a task in our task database so that it will be removed from the EUD homepage. Kind regards
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