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  1. hey guys i had this same problem with xsquawk so doubt its an xpilot issue but i have got rid of xsquawkbox so im using xpilot and love it. but im still having a similar issue i connect all my csl's are there with the correct liverys and planes. But all the planes are missing landing gear. i have deleted all other plugins like xsquawkbox and pilot edge but problem still happens. i am using the blue bell csl package with the vertical offsets thank.
  2. thanks simon for the response. how do you install the fsx afcads in p3d? before in fx you just went into the addon scenery folder and drop the 2 files. i dont see that file anymore in my root p3d location
  3. Hey guys probably not in the right spot to post this if so i apologize. quick question ever since i bailed on fsx i went to x-plane 11 i really liked it but i dunno part of me just missed fsx's addons chase plane pmdg etc. so i purhcased p3d v4.4 everything was good till i realized the airports are the same as 2006 so a lot of airports are not usable for flying online. when i had fsx i could just go and get afcad updated airports and seemed to do fine. but on a recent search i realized there really isn't any afcad updated airports for p3d v4 pretty much all are just still fsx. i read that t
  4. hey guys i know this has probably been discussed many many times. i have searched the forums and the web with not much info i figured i would ask the community. I currently have fsx with a few 3rd party payware addons i have no issues other then airports out of date but i update them through avsim and a few pay wares as i go. my question is before i keep going and buying more payware, if i think about pulling the plug on fsx s because there is no more development for it. will the 3rd party software eventually just stop in fsx, i am at a point right now where if i switch to something else i
  5. thanks ernesto for the response. i couldn't find anything on chicago's site but i did have downloaded the most up to date afcad i could find for kord but the controller gave me taxiways that weren't on there where is he getting something more up to date? or would he have older taxiways which i dont think is the case.
  6. hello everyone sorry if this is to long or a rookie mistake, if this info is allready out there. ok got a couple issues, i dont have a lot of payware airports basically just 1. i usually go to avsim and download the most recent afcad file to update the airport hence the date on the file below it. the other day i was flying from kord chicago i was given a taxi instruction with none of the taxiways matching up to my scenery, that the controller gave me. so how do i fix this how do i get the same airport in fsx that matches up to the controllers taxi instructions i feel like an idiot when the tax
  7. hey guys, i have a throttle quadrant and yoke that i purchased together. With the quadrant having a PS/2 connector that plugs into the yoke. well the pins broke off on the PS/2 connector not fixable. saitek does not repair them anymore, could i buy the additional throttle quadrant with a USB hook up and plug that strait in the computer and use that throttle? or it doesn't work like that and needs the PS/2 throttle quadrant. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. hey guys got a question here need some advice.i have a HP pavilion P6000 series AMD Phenom 11 830 Quad-core 8GB DDR3 system memory 1 Terabyte Hard drive ATI radeon integrated graphocs Windows 7 64 bit anyways these are my specs not a big gaming computer but it does allright but i want to make it better beef it up as you say like be able to run active sky with a lot of traffic on vatsim etc. add on airports and programs that run good without making it skip abd eventually shut down. but i got a budget what can i do to this baby to do what i want my budget is around 300 any help would be
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