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  1. Hi Benjamin, We are going to discus this rule in the next staff meeting and I think we will withdraw the certification. We believe in freedom and in the 15 years that the VA exists we always are doing our own thing and no network is going to change that. It would be something else if the network was your employer and paid you. It is too bad this is been made but you can still fly on VATSIM if your VA is certified or not. Regards, Cor
  2. Good afternoon, An ex-member of V-Bird VA filled a complain at our VA saying that two members of our VA whiles flying on VATSIM did not use UNICOM. When we received this complain we asked our 2 members for a reaction and they said that they were using UNICOM. Is there a way that I can find out who did and who did not used UNICOM because if our 2 members did not I need to adres that to them because I want all our members to follow the rules of the network. The incident happend according to the ex-member on 12 feb 2019 between 1430z and 1600z. Hope somebody can help me with thi
  3. Goodmorning, V-Pilot is working with P3DV4.2 Regards, Cor
  4. Hi Joaquin, Those packages works too but I can understand that people don not want to spent money on AI if there is enough freeware AI. Regards, Cor
  5. Good morning, At V-Bird VA we have started to make our own package with freeware models that will work in FSX and P3DV4. Some models need some work on the night textures but it is 90% better then with he IVAO MTL´s. The docomeent is in Dutch but you will get the picture. It only takes a lot of time to find the right model and a lot of testing but we have a basis. The 9 actually models we have on IVAO and are not working in P3DV4 are working with the models in this package. Only some night textures to fix but that is not a priority at this time https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WNcX
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