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  1. Thanks, that is what I have tried with the left CTRL key, but this one ist not recognized.
  2. I have used the left CTRL key as PTT for vPilot for years now. But I can remember that I was also able to transmit by using one of the buttons of my CH Flightstick which I had configured via FSUIPC -> "buttons&switches"->"PTT Transmit On (SB3,RW,AFC)". But somehow that does not work anymore. Also it's not possible to use FSUIPC's "Press the key(s) to be sent", as the CTRL key is not detected. I wonder if there any workaround other than select a diffent PTT key or use alone the joystick button ?
  3. Hm, v. 2.8.1 is out now - apparently no change ... ๐Ÿคจ
  4. Uh, I am being ignored, no one likes me .... ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  5. Why does it feel my thread has been hijacked? ๐Ÿ˜„ Please forgive me if I put my last question again: "Wouldn't it be possible to add the feature as an option (as opt-in) let's say in Settings -> Miscellanious?" Cheers Ulrich
  6. Hi Ross, I can see now there was a good reason for removing the list. It shouldn't be there by default then. But in my case I use a couple of callsigns (VA and more) and fly couple of different a/c, though. The one or the other plane not very often so it takes some time to find the right ICAO code - slightly more than just inserting some characters. That is why the list has always been very helpful and why I am very dissappointed to see it is gone. Wouldn't it be possible to add the feature as an option (as opt-in) let's say in Settings -> Miscellanious?
  7. Thanks Trevor! How could such a list be confusing? Instead it is very convenient when you use different a/c and are member of different VAs. Why not leave it as an "option" to the user? Such a feature should not be a big deal, I figure.
  8. Hi, I am using latest version. On connect suddenly the list of my recently used callsigns/type codes is missing. I can't remember having changed something except updating following update notice. The list has always been convenient. Cheers Ulrich
  9. First of all thanks to everyone who has been involved. I really do appreciate the time and efforts to making such mega events possible!!! I have participated in a a couple of CTPs in the past but this one leaves me with kind of mixed feelings. On the one hand it was by far the smoothest CTP ever, compared to sometimes at least partly chaotic CTPs in the past. On the other hand it was - let's say - a little boring. Do not get me wrong, I still love to fly CTP but what makes it unique is the huge amount of traffic. It's fun to see the others above and below on the same track. This time (I m
  10. Well done. But I also would prefer being able to open charts instead of downloading. Another thing is that appear to sorted the wrong way in many cases. I found i.e. APPR charts in the GEN section. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume CF is getting the information from the original websites. Being responsible for uploading charts for the EDLL FIR of Vatsim Germany it could be helpful to learn about the criteria you need for sorting charts correctly within CF.
  11. Had the same problem (corrupted FSX installation here). Renaming FSX.cfg did help. The entry "Model Matching (FSX)" has disappeared, thanks
  12. Hi all, I have experienced the same problem and crashed on my way to Faro LPFR approx. 20 nm south of BABEX at FL360. I am using FS2004 with Squawkbox, Vista64, Norton Internet Security. It happens both with iFly B737NG and PDMG B737NG. Unfortunately I haven't been to this area for a while so identifying the problem seems to be difficult. I am convinced though there must be a scenery conflict. Anyway, deactivating the Aerosoft Faro2005 (Holiday Airports) scenery does not help. Neither does flying offline... Best regards Ulli
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