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  1. Ehm i dont think you can blame the controller, because they use the frequency that are set be the ATC-TD or Ops-Department of there VACC (or how ever its called in your part of the World). And then i think they are told by the Division what Frequencies are to be used for what Position. Correct me if i am Wrong here.
  2. As far as i know its on the controller to shorten the Callsign (in Europe, at least i was told so here in Switzerland). He know what he has on the Frequency and how it can be shortend to not have similars. So i would say until the Controller shorten your Callsign, go with the full one and there after use what the controller call you. And the Shortening in the Learning Center is the one for US and not that for Europe.
  3. it goes up to 48hrs until all server received your new Password. so if you changed it, that can be the reason why you could not login. Then this Morning some webservices are in maintenance, so that could also be a reason.
  4. Welcome on Vatsim A new one of "a short search on the Forum" or "read the Welcome Mail" would realy help. This was explained to often 😞 it goes up to 48hrs until the voice server gets your Credentials after an new Registration or a Passwordchange. pleease use this Time to read also inalse Pilot Resource Center what is expected from a Pilot so we can all have fun together.
  5. Hi Steven A short Search here in the Forum brings me to this Answer to your question: (And i think, it is also mentioned in the Welcomemail your Friend received)
  6. Welcome on Vatsim Howard! you did nothing wrong, but the Servers need up to 48h to get your Credentials. Take the time to read and to familarize with the Network. Kind Regards André
  7. Welcome on Vatsim. Most of the users here are able do read, but a search is to much for them... almost every day there is a Post like these. Is there no informarion on the Registrationpage, that the Voice server will get the Users every 24hours, and so it may take up to 48h until you are able to Connect to the Voiceserver... Take the Time to read, it is worth it.
  8. This sound like FSX is running in Administratormode and VPilot not. Then when an Window in Adminmode has Focus, only the other Programs who run in Adminmode will recognize that Keypress. So the Solution would be to run VPilot also in Adminmode. Regards André
  9. from http://network-status.vatsim.net : This is allready 5 Days old, but i think it is still current. Regards
  10. is it correct that you se the Rx light up when someone is sending? If yes, i think there is a problem with your sounddevice. If No then you have to check, that the volume or Receive on your Radio in the Airplane is selected and not muted. Regards
  11. You can now choose if you would sync the Radiopanel with the aircraft or not, because some of the Aircraftdevelopers use not the standard Set of Offsets and so Swift don't recognise correctly there Settings, so you can override the Tx/Rx in the Client. Regards
  12. If you use Swift version 0.9.2 or older you have to use as well the AFV standalone Client. AFV is integrated in SWIFT 0.9.3 and newer. Keep in Mind that 0.9.3 is still an Alpha Version and may have some Bugs Regards
  13. and a short search brings up a thread with solutions viewtopic.php?f=157&t=79817&p=537317&hilit=input+string#p537317 Regards André
  14. P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word on AFV is now Casesensitive. There are tons of post for this Topic. a litle Search will help
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