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  1. Alex this is because you used my tweak and didn't clean it up before the update... how did you even get it?? Go to AppData\Local\vPilot, delete NAudio.dll and GeoVR.Client.dll and reinstall vPilot, should fix it...
  2. 21st century server infrastructure (low latency voice, higher update rate for online traffic) Pilot signup test (doesn't have to be crazy difficult, just a simple quizz so trolls can't just make new accounts in 2 clicks) CPDLC, ATC Uplink and all that jazz (so CTP doesn't go from amazing to nightmarish when you reach the Atlantic) Yes it's more than one item but it's so rare we get asked for feedback I'm not wasting that opportunity
  3. How can someone say this with a straight face? The audio quality of real ATC comms is lightyears ahead of what we have currently. Even when listening through LiveATC, which is not ideal, you can already hear a huge difference.
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