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  1. Thanks Anastasios. done So the region would be VATSEA, is there a Indonesian Division and active or to which division will I be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to? Ideally the most active would be great. Thanks cheers
  2. Hello Want to change to South East Asia Division or Indonesian Division as I moved to Bali Indonesia. also for ATC training thanks
  3. Someone is going to be a serious controller with that setup. Welcome to the dark side. Wycliffe thanks mate, trying to especially with your NGX under the bonnet lol...
  4. just started out so GND for now, Tower Cab and Cockpit, cheers http://i336.photobucket.com/albums/n352/mappy1234/1cb28b35.jpg
  5. noted, I am sure they are all great! will try my best and see what fits the time difference. cheers!
  6. Morning all. Just transfered to the VATUSA Division and hopefully joining a region today. Interested to get started as a controller too. Not sure yet which Region, guess its gonna be East Side vZTL, zBW or zNY. Any recommendations for newbies? Thanks, enjoy Sunday
  7. It may would make it easier visually as i like to work like that and further having FSX as a simulation that would make sense to use it in correspondence with VRC, its personal taste. I am just starting so Euroscope i have not discovered entirely but it looks less appealing to me, however that is personal too. You mean the 3d radar? Yes I am using that too, that is the best so far, back to the CGA times... Thanks Wycliffe
  8. Well, tried some options last night as posted on the several forums, but cant get it to work so far. It would make much sense though to have a tower view in FSX as it would make the job much more easy when working on ground Understand though if there is a limitation on how FSX, FSInn, SB etc is built. Thanks Ross
  9. roger that, no problems, will find a way around it, i really prefer the layout and ease of use of your created program, nice one! hopefully, to join ZBW soon thanks
  10. Hi Ross Sorry for the bump and digging up old posts... Seen your posts regarding VRC & FSX, is there anything planned in the future to have it working with FSX? Would be great though. I am just starting to use it now and I am not sure what to have in the future but ES has a bit the advantage at the moment...
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