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  1. Oh, excellent ! Thank you so much, no need to use FSINN again Is working OK
  2. Oh btw, if I restart my computer, without having reinstalled, it will open in the same way. Oh, and I am having some problems with my Windows Updates recently, with them completing all, but failing at the end, resulting in having to do updates which fail every time I restart/shutdown properly...
  3. PC restart resolved it and my .NET framework is fine, latest version, never had any issues with that recently.
  4. Nothing, it goes grey and says how the program is not responding... just reinstalled it now and does the same thing... I probably need a restart, but it's annoying setting up my FSX and then vPilot not working and having to restart... (Not saying that it's vPilot's fault, something is wrong on my PC probs..)
  5. I am running latest version, with FSX, and FSUIPC on Windows 7.. vPilot has been working great, however, on random occasions, when starting it, it has not started up correctly and remains like this for a very long time, resulting in me having to reinstall it.. Any solutions? Thanks!
  6. They are installed though... I'm saying I've never had a single problem and all of a sudden all these errors are coming up even for airlines / packages working before!
  7. "SimConnect Error: Failed to create aircraft" everywhere...
  8. Despite working for the last month+ all my traffic on VATSIM has stopped working. I haven't deleted anything neither changed any options neither have uninstalled vPilot. Any advice??
  9. Thanks, disabled WOAI , will report bug. I have read the docomeentation, any way to way to manually select or replace such as in FSinn the AI Traffic? For example a fictional aircraft, e.g a real airline with a fictional a/c you could change it manually to fit the livery at least even with a different a/c? Thanks
  10. First few days with vPilot, looks like a nice software I never get FSX crash to desktops, I can remember the last one I got was many many months ago (5-6 months ago) , however as I was descending to Heathrow today, I got a CTD with error message "sim1.dll" , so I typed it up on Google and it says it's about faulty textures and common in freeware aircraft, especially traffic packages, so I thought of the model rules set I put in vPilot, to use the World of Ai packages. So, vPilot is not directly responsible, however I am using vPilot to display WoAI tfc, so is there any way to find out the
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