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  1. Alberto, it's been quite a long time. I'm glad to tell you that VATSIM Colombia has improved considerably under its current administration, and that you're invited to our WhatsApp channel, just as anyone interested in our vACC. Regarding the things done in the past, I must say I'm not a good enough referee on these matters (member since 2011, no real aviation experience besides sitting as a passenger). Please don't waste time on that, since I'm positive we can instead enjoy/work now to improve our future.
  2. Jesús Betancourt fue uno de los pioneros de VATSIM en Suramérica, uno de los Supervisores veteranos, y un miembro activo por más de 2 décadas bajo el callsign Tradewind/TCA 2630. Aunque no seguirá volando en la red, el legado que dejó su presencia en el staff de VATSAM, VATSA y VATSUR va a trascender por siempre. Extiendo mis condolencias a sus amigos y familia. También espero que la injusticia que vivió Jesús termine, esto por el bien de Venezuela y de los aviadores virtuales que sueñan en su país.
  3. Hola Pablo, Puedes ver la lista en http://vatca.net/spanish/staff.html
  4. Banner creado por John Jairo Correa Estimados miembros, La Directiva de VATSUR ha abierto la convocatoria para la iniciativa Comando Élite CTA, cuyo propósito es dirigir excelentes controladores a eventos en los que se requiera alta presencia de servicio CTA. Estos miembros solo operarán cuando se les indique/invite, y estarán al día en regulaciones internacionales. Quienes deseen hacer parte de esta iniciativa deberán comeplir los siguientes requisitos: • 300+ horas de experiencia como Controlador en VATSUR • Rango S3 o superior con referencias (Jefe de País, Contacto de Entr
  5. Hola Jorge, Lamento escuchar de tu inconveniencia. Te sugiero cerrar todo y volver a ingresar a vatsur.org, luego reabrir el Centro de Entrenamiento ATC/ATO. No debes ingresar tu VID/Contraseña en ninguna parte, basta con el VID en Datos Personales. Si encuentras problemas, por favor escribe a [email protected] para que examine tu caso.
  6. [email protected] Gracias a todos. Sean o no miembros de VATSUR, pueden sugerir y comentar respecto a lo que hay, y lo que viene. ¡Los veré conectados! Thanks to everyone. Whether you are a VATSUR member or not, you can suggest and comment about what's current, and what will follow. See you all online!
  7. Quite amazing. I am a ZNY Visitor, and i have been taught to consider flight plans carefully. Sure, it would have required coordination with DEP-CTR, but you shouldn't have been denied the clearance because of that. Glad to know you will come back.
  8. Hi! Well, i've been using VRC for a while, and i have already seen that there are some unknown controllers on my range, even if i use 10 nm range, and visibility centered on an airport. But the problem is that they can see me too, and we can hear eachother via / chat. That happened to me yesterday with a Zagreb Center, and i admit it is wrong to chat with somebody by other means than PM (i'm sorry). So, is it my fault, is it a Sector file fault, or is it a Server fault¿?
  9. No, i just changed my transponder, and i pressed ident. The flight plan cutted after that. Oh, and KLAS-KLAX was yesterday, so i got no problem, seems that the 3 hours got deleted, as said above.
  10. Well guys, i use XP v7 with XSquawkBox, it's compatible and works fine, but it has a glitch i recently discovered. I was flying from KLAX to KJFK using squawk 15.. i don't remember, and when i reached Michigan center, i was told to switch squawk to 6310. It seems that my flight plan got duplicated, because i can see at VatAware that the original flight plot stops at the point i switched transponder, and that another one continues the path. It seemed weird to me, so i decided to go direct to KJFK, and the flight went there, and the 34 minutes of flight to there were saved, but the 3 hours p
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