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  1. Where did you install the ASE program? If the program is very old, it might work better if it were installed out of the normal program files hierarchy. For example, into your Docomeents folder. This is of course, a security risk (Windows no longer prevents the program from changing files in its install location. Since writing situation files might be considered the reason for being for ASE... ) If you trust the program, you might try this. It is possible that the attempts by Microsoft to coddle programs that disobey the now-ancient guidelines such as writing output files to non-sensitive
  2. I originally thought that .find DAL2 would be a neat feature, until I considered having to type: .find DAL2 .find DAL002 .find DVA002 .find DELTA2 .find DELTA002 ...
  3. There is a FSX default CRJ-700 update/addon that adds a wind measurement to the MFD, amongst several fixes.
  4. You have pretty much learned lesson number one now, so you should join a FIR as a controller student!
  5. As a general policy for virtual airlines, I would suggest: If it is worth doing, do it correctly. Some example areas where sloppy mistakes annoy me are: 1. Take care that communications to the members use correct grammar and spelling. (How? If your communicator can't communicate, [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign him an editor. ) 2. Take care with website security. (After the second hacking incident, I usually begin to wonder if I should have trusted the VA with my real name and email.) 3. Take care to use correct times. (Continual errors in time zones or UTC conversions are m
  6. > The rest of the files are now in My Docomeents\VRC. You need to create the myservers.txt file there. Ross likely solved the problem! Tank you oh thank you. Vielen dank! Grazie mille! Maraming salamat! But I'll just push submit on my rant for old times sake myservers.txt This is the single most frustrating bane of my existence as an instructor. And I say that as someone who as a programmer upgraded my small company's software products to comply with Windows User Account Control guidelines 10 years ago, and provided phone customer support for the same products. A good fract
  7. (For all VAs) Please don't [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume that the new pilot understands what you are all about. I had what I thought was a basic idea, but when brand new I was still annoyed that the 20 page docomeent my VA provided didn't describe in plain language what the whole thing was about. The issue is that there are certain things you experienced folks just know coming in and it might be hard to put yourself in a new guy's place and explain certain things once at a kindergarten level just so we are all on the same page. Something like: "You sign into the tracking program, you fly a f
  8. And if you're lucky, there is nothing in front of that text. So the message starts with a "/" and is transmitted to all controllers in range on the ATC channel. Anyone else fly the World War II simulator WarBirds? I have a lot of hours typing / before every chat message. It is almost instinctive. So if I tell the whole controlling world to monitor unicom, just ignore me: You can monitor your own frequency too!
  9. I was LOL-ing along about the text pilots requesting a repeat a few posts ago, then tonight had a text pilot ask whether I had missed his readback. Oops: And there it was... scrolled off the top three extra lines because of my having repeated the clearance to the wrong pilot, correcting, and resending.
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