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  1. Hopefully there is somebody in the VATSIM community who can assist Nick in rebuilding the VATSTATS website 😥
  2. I think, he was talking about unmanned airports when there is no ATC online.
  3. Which airport or country are you interested in?
  4. Antonio, you have got a private message in your inbox:-)
  5. Their website is still working, so I assume the VA is still operating: https://skylinkvirtual.com/
  6. I would say, talk to the Division staff which is responsible for that specific country.
  7. We constantly make progress. However, we still need some more time to get it work. The integration into MyVatsim isn't that easy as we have thought before. Do you want your Virtual Airline to become an official partner on VATSIM or to participate in the VAA Program? Visit https://www.vatsim.net/pilots/virtual-airlines Tim Wong Director of Virtual Airline Relations VATSIM.net Virtual Airlines and Special Operations Administration
  8. Do you have Hotmail/Outlook by accident?
  9. Please open a support ticket at https://support.vatsim.net/ I am sure that your personal data shouldn't be shared with the general public.
  10. Please send a ticket to the membership department at http://membership.vatsim.net/
  11. Maybe I said it in a wrong way. What I actually mean is that VATSIM prevents people have to multiple connections. It's not about workload rather than connections you make. If you don't set a limit, people will do that on their own
  12. Image I would be online as a controller in different regions (Atlanta, London, Sydney). Wouldn't it be cool to have worldwide ATC coverage? However, would you accept to be number 20 for a clearance? This can be applied to pilots, too. Imagine me flying with different callsigns in the three areas mentioned above. Just because I am too busy with flight A during final approach, I keep missing the calls from controllers of flight B and C
  13. Yep, sent a ticket to the membership department. They will help you to sort it out
  14. I think that will be a problem because VATSIM doesn't allow us to have multiple connections to the network at the same time.
  15. Short answer: Yes, you can! You can do something fictional like flying a Concorde with Lufthansa livery to Kai-Tak (VHHX). All this is possible and allowed
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