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  1. Hi Mate, Try putting up a manual recording ATIS and let us know if that works. Cheers, Cal
  2. It's probably best to seek this permission prior to using the logo and name....
  3. Welcome to VATSIM! You can only have 1 "Home Division". This Division is where you will learn to control and complete your training. Once you're trained on a rating, you can apply to become a "Visiting Controller" which will allow you to control at another location. There are details and requirements located here https://www.vatsim.net/documents/transfer-and-visiting-controller-policy and on the VATUSA/VATPRC website 🙂
  4. Applications are now invited from suitably experienced members of the VATPAC Division for the position of VATPAC Director, Events (VATPAC5). Responsible to: VATPAC Director, Division Direct Reports: Deputy Director, Major Events Deputy Director, Events Event Coordinators Duties: Attends periodic VATPAC Board meetings and produces quarterly reports on events held by the division Plan and develop a program of weekly, and major events targeted at VATPAC members Promote events to maximise participation Act as a
  5. Unfortunately, several members from Australia and New Zealand are looking at pings in excess of 1000 for any other server. This is due to the rural locations of many members as well as the outdated and downright terrible infrastructure within Australia/NZ. While I couldn't comment on whether latency would affect these members though I would expect it wouldn't based on comments from those in the infrastructure team, there are reports of people being unable to establish a stable connection to other servers due to the high latency (Thanks Australian Internet 😛 ).
  6. Welcome one and all to the longest and busiest global group flight on VATSIM, WorldFlight. WorldFlight started almost 20 years ago in the United Kingdom . The number of teams has since expanded to several countries with official teams situated across Europe, Oceania and the United States of America. This global event spans seven days, flying into airports both old and new throughout all hours of the day with one core goal. To raise money for charity! VATSIM is pleased to invite all members on the route around the World. Average traffic levels on quieter sectors are in the range
  7. Applications are now invited from suitably experienced members of the VATPAC division for the position of VATPAC Director, Operations (VATPAC2). Responsible to: - VATPAC Director, Division Direct Reports: - Deputy Director, Operations - AIS Officer - AIS Officer, Pacific Area - Virtual Airlines Liaison Officer - Operations Advisors Duties: - Attends periodic VATPAC Board meetings to report on pilot-related issues to act as a liaison between pilots and the VATPAC Board bringing pilot and controller views, complaints, ideas, and proposals to the appropriate Division and B
  8. Applications for this position close this weekend. If you are interested in helping out, please submit your application by Sunday!
  9. Applications are now invited from suitably experienced members of the VATPAC Division for the position of VATPAC Director, ATC Training (VATPAC3). Reports to: VATPAC Director, Division Direct Reports: Deputy Director, ATC Administration Deputy Director, ATC Standards ATC Instructors ATC Mentors Duties: Responsible for delivering an efficient and effective ATC training program that meets VATSIM policies Attend periodic VATPAC Board meetings to report on training activities and issues and to stay abreast of issues which may involve VATPAC Training Main
  10. Hey Joseph, The best place to put them would be the Fly-In Notices Forum or your local ARTCC/vACC/Division forum. You can also post them in the VATSIM Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/vatsim/
  11. VATPAC is [Mod - Happy Thoughts]isting by hosting a Sydney Flyin/Flyout. Fly through Sydney on the Saturday or Sunday and expect ATC from our local controllers at home and those manning the stand at the Expo. We'll be live streaming throughout the day! https://forums.vatpac.org/calendar/event/269-oz-flight-sim-expo/
  12. This year will be an exciting year at the Oz Flight Sim Expo (Australia) as VATSIM will be attending/exhibiting for the first time! The event has been running for several years and brings people from all across the Pacific who share a p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ion for everything Flight Sim! The Expo is being held at the HARS Aviation Museum (Historical Aircraft Restoration Society), Illawarra Airport (YWOL) on the 17th and 18th of November from 1000 - 1600 AEDT (2300z - 0500z). The Expo is an Avgeek's dream with several Real World aircraft available for tours as well plenty of in addition to
  13. Hi All, We are looking to put together a team of individuals who wish to promote VATSIM at the Oz Flight Sim Expo. The Expo will be held on the 17 & 18th of November with bump in on the 16th. The location will be at HARS Aviation Museum, Illawarra Airport. If you available and interested in [Mod - Happy Thoughts]isting us showcase VATSIM, please send an email to c.strawbridge[at]vatsim.net expressing your interest. Thanks!
  14. Applications are now being accepted for available positions on the VATSIM Social Media team. VATSIM is seeking several suitable candidates to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist in the day to day operation of VATSIM's social media platforms. REPORTS TO: VATSIM General Manager – Social Media RESPONSIBLE FOR: Running day to day operations of the VATSIM Social Media portfolio, including but not limited to the following duties: - Responding to messages sent to the VATSIM Facebook page. - Creating content for VATSIM’s social media platforms. - [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist with maintaining
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