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  1. Would you be so kind as to list those other threads since they are not easily found via searching for "bot".
  2. Works Great! Had to move around the N & W and remove the dash So this 41-59.442183N 088-06.479333W becomes N41 59.442183N W088 06.479333 Thanks Chriss great find! Definitely on my bookmarks now.
  3. I am trying to convert numerous coordinates using www.airnav.com "runway" data into the sector file format (H.M.S.ss) without any success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. From the website: 41-59.442183N 088-06.479333W into N041.59.27.587 W088.06.28.393 (this one I already have) Thanks, Kent
  4. Sign on just now and it sounds just fine without any changes to Windows volume at all. Not sure why or what happened.
  5. Having P3D(v4) sounds set to 10% and boosting vPIlot to its maximum and I can still barely hear ATC or other pilots. Seems like there isn't any change to ATC/Pilot volumes at all. Any idea would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I have a question when it comes to selecting or using call signs as part of the [positions] area of the ESE file. The debate is over how ES sees and uses call signs. For example, its possible that if a controller signed on with CHI_1A_APP which is [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to 133.620, that another controller can also sign on with CHI_2A_APP with the same frequency then both controllers would be in control of the same airspace, so long as both are properly defined in the ESE and settings file. So my question becomes, can ES take a generic position definition such as CHI_APP and allow oth
  7. I am working on the ESGrammer.txt file and certain words are never being recognized no matter what I do. Each of these words is setup to be a replacement word rule, as they are the SID fix names for use in a standard clearance message. (Ex. United 123, cleared to Denver via radar vectors Iowa City, maintain...). The sample of the contents from the ESGrammer.txt file: WORD:dupage:DPA WORD:gipper:GIJ WORD:iowa-city:IOW WORD:keeler:ELX WORD:moline:MZV I have also tried the following syntax too without any luck (as shown in the wiki for "WORD:direct: proceed direct :"): WORD:dupage:D
  8. This problem appears to be localized; however, if as suggested that its a cache memory issue, then rebooting the PC should've fixed it, but the problem returns after the reboot. The only "cache" memory not completely deleted is the virtual pagefile. My only possible suggestion is that the ASR files contain the last known SCT filename and ES is pulling it from there during startup and trying to download it versus the new one. This would mean that in certain situations/configurations ES has an unwanted feature. My only possible solution (I haven't implemented it yet) is to clear the virtual
  9. Thanks for the reply Gergely. When I manually pointed the my web browser to the website it was showing the proper file was available for download. It's interesting that ES was able to locate this cached memory even after numerous reboots. One would think that information would be overwritten and lost somewhere along the line. There must be an option to erase the cache memory during reboots or shuts down within Windows 7. Thanks again. Kent
  10. I seem to stuck with a issue that just doesn't make sense. It seems that whenever a new updated sector file is released, I can't get it even though I have the auto download feature(s) on to do so. When this happens, I can only get previous release to show up even manually trying to download it. For example if the old sector file was xxx_20112101940.sct (1940 for short) and the new one is xxx_20112491710.sct (1710 for short), I would only see the 1940 in the down loader, even after a complete re-installation of ES using only what are the installed defaults. I have taken this to an extreme and e
  11. You are correct ownership for APP2 and CTR are the same. I also agree that the logic of the display line is working correctly in both cases. I was hoping for a solution around this issue since the APP2 controller really isn't online in the second case. I suppose improved display line logic statements within ES are really needed to solve this issue, something that can provide a true "IF...THEN...ELSE" functionality. Thanks, Kent
  12. I understand that by not knowing the airspace its difficult to provide a solid answer. Lets just use a generic model to describe what is going on and what results I'm looking for. From the ground up sectorcircle definitions are created for each control tower (TWR). From there there are multiple approach/departure (APP/DEP) sectorlines. From there there are 4 center (CTR) positions (North Center, East Center, South Center and West Center) which divide the entire center into four quadrants. Given this model ownership is TWR, APP, DEP, and CTR in that order. The center ownership is based on the q
  13. I am having a problem determining the correct logic to use given the following: When I'm online as ALO_APP_SECT (Waterloo) and CID_APP_SECT (Cedar Rapids) is also online with no other active controllers, as ALO_APP I should see a "red" outline around CID_APP_SECT using the following display line (the display line is under the CID_APP Sectorline definition): DISPLAY:ALO_APP_SECT:ALO_APP_SECT:CID_APP_SECT This works perfectly given the above scenario; however, it also works when a center sector comes online (e.g. CHI_E_CTR) because it owns CID_APP_SECT when its not online. In this ca
  14. Kyle, I'm sorry but how does asking a question in regards to the process of ATM removal put me in possible violation of CoC? Did I mention anything about who, or what ARTCC, no! I'm not trying to do anything but understand the process by which it should work but apparently isn't from where I sit, as many members of the ARTCC have taken the chain of command route. I never knew asking a question was against the law here...I'll shut up now. Regards, Kent
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