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  1. Firstly, many THANKS for the Miami Oceanic heads up!! FABULOUS!! Great question Salvatore especially with it being Xmas Eve and all! Erm... early indications are that quite a number of Pilots are really up for this Event!! Uh-hum.. my own Jamaican Rum bottle is already on its way HAHA!! Due to family and other Xmas commitments I didn't want to formally administrate bookings except that Pilots wishing to take part should prebook with either vRoute or other officially affiliated VATSIM booking systems. I don't know whether VATCAR at MYNN will be able to open two runways with res
  2. Thanks Salvatore, I will do this and I've also contacted Leemar Yarde too. I'm hoping that many VATSIM friends and colleagues will really be interested to participate and truly enjoy the event. It would be great to have a relaxed and informal approach to make it fun, Caribbean Style ) I've set a final take-off departure time of 1730Z - 1230pm local time to ensure non-VATSIM family and friends can enjoy the Coquito party mood afterwards ) and to ensure ATC aren't waiting for late arrivals ) Thanks again, Matt
  3. Would any of our VATSIM colleagues be interested in covering Caribbean Airspace for a period of 4 hours maximum (across two hour shift patterns) on 24th December 2011? Yes, I sincerely realise this is Xmas Eve so a two hour slot is all I could ever hope to wish for. 11am to 3pm local N[Mod - Happy Thoughts]au International time and 4pm to 8pm Z/GMT time here in the UK. MYNN to TJSJ - Approx 725nm of warm inviting Caribbean Winter Bliss. If you would love to manage flights on that day I will specifically design the Event Poster to ensure that ALL flights must be logged and booked t
  4. A big thank you to VATCAN for great support on the 3rd Dec "The Four Ways" Event. I've posted a full thank you list and notable statistics in the General Announcements discussion board. There were 21 transatlantic flights to or from KJFK into UK airspace going through VATCAN services. Amazing!! There were yet another 35 transatlantic flights from US airports into UK airspace!! Superb and ATC made it all worthwhile. Thanks and very best, Matt
  5. Hi Alan, thanks for the much appreciated information. I've sent relevant emails as provided in your links. My event is such a long flight that I probably hadn't anticipated all the necessary VATSIM communications required. Alas, a newbie events co-ordinator such as myself needs all the help he can get!! Especially from Events Gurus thanks!! ----------------- Well, all I can hope for is for anyone and everyone within VATSIM to please spread the word about the event to make it a good success. I would kindly ask Transatlantic Pilots to file their flights early so ATC can see
  6. Hi Kris, totally agreed. I really wish I'd stuck with EGKK, EGLL and EGSS for the event but I'd produced the Poster including EGBB. Probably an affinity to my local airport if I'm honest, which is only natural I suppose. Lately I've been directing Pilots to choose EGLL, EGKK and EGSS as I know they're guaranteed a full ATC reception on arrival . I do appreciate that EGBB ATC like to keep a check on flights coming in though. EGBE and EGNM are also great airports but lets face it EGKK and EGLL especially rock and roll when it comes to ATC availability!! Plus the Openskies Event
  7. Hi Bryan, appreciated, as I know ATC are very busy, especially on weekends. Of course, the weekends are busy with lots of things to catch up on from the week not just VATSIM commitments. I do wish I'd posted on the forums earlier. I can only hope to gain support for the event as best as possible. The event has been posted on vRoute since Monday but of course (I, like most on VATSIM) only see the daily postings and choose flights that way. Personally I'll be checking the forthcoming weeks events every Sunday from now on. To be honest it is my first event so I didn't know VATCAN ha
  8. A very warm hello to VATCAN ATC and Pilots. I've set up a transatlantic flight from/to KJFK with London airports, primarily EGKK and EGLL. (NB Standsted is available if you wish). It would be great to cover the Atlantic route with NATS through to the UK where possible. The event is posted on vRoute for the 3rd Dec so if Pilots prebook flights in advance, ATC can see when coverage is needed. EGKK and EGLL will already be in full operation due to my working in conjunction with the Openskies UK event on the same day (see vRoute). KJFK have been notified through their NYARTCC Co-Ord
  9. Thanks David, I'm contacting VATCAN about this. I hope KJFK enjoy good traffic for this event. Very best, Matt
  10. A very warm hello to UK VATSIM members. I am organising "The Four Ways" Transatlantic Event for 3rd Dec 2011 to run in conjunction with Openskies UK 2011. The event is posted on vRoute in the calender for 3rd Dec. KJFK ATC has been notified of the timeframes between 1400Z and 2200Z which of course is an early start for their ATC personnel. So I'm hoping to get as many Transatlantic Pilots prebooked from KJFK as possible between the 1400-1500Z timeslots so that you arrive nicely during the Openskies UK session in London (including Standsted) between 2000 and 2200Z. Anyone who h
  11. Thanks Jeff, 1700Z sounds very good. Flights are long so it should be possible to see what traffic is heading your way on vRoute. I'd say this to any ATC who are interested in covering areas in their respective regions as part of this event. I am of course looking to cover the transatlantic crossing with ATC to provide transition between KJFK and London. I'll post on VATCAN and VATUK Oceanic forums - thanks again. Randy as regards the reverse way to London, yup I totally agree LOL!! I'll take the Atlantic option personally Really hope to see you there if possible Best,
  12. hi Salvatore, thanks mate I'll send an email to him right away. I'm contacting KJFK Controllers personally too as I'd like to get Oceanic ATC covered very well throughout the day. Look forward to seeing you flying. I've chosen KJFK to London myself Best, Matt
  13. Hi Darrol London ATC is already open as part of the Openskies Event which is great. I am in contact with Oceanic and KJFK controllers to maximise ATC control throughout the event. Also I am contacting as many US pilots as possible to have a two way traffic stream so I look forward to flying with you. If bookings are prebooked early for this event ATC are better equipped to cover peak traffic times too. Thanks, Matt
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