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  1. http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=53648&st=0 Linux plugin: http://www.dogwatchsw.com/flight/xsb_vatsim_Lin.zip Mac plugin: http://www.dogwatchsw.com/flight/XSquawkBox_VATSIM_Mac.xpl.zip Windows plugin: http://www.dogwatchsw.com/flight/XSquawkBox_VATSIM_Win.zip
  2. A bunch of users (myself included) are getting immediate crashes on startup despite no configuration changes. Not sure what's going on.
  3. My XPlane started crashing tonight, too, though it worked fine yesterday.
  4. Rehosted link for those looking for a Megaupload alternative: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2738636/VatspyUpdatev1.zip
  5. That is not the complete correct solution. This aileron deflection has the effect of making the aircraft asymmetric, or uneven, because one side of the plane produces more lift than the other. When this situation occurs, that side of the aircraft also produces more drag than the other. This increase in drag on the left side of the plane causes it to yaw to the left, an effect known as adverse yaw. To correct for this yaw effect, the pilot must also apply right-rudder (rudder deflects to the right) to counteract the adverse yaw and keep the nose pointed stratight ahead.
  6. http://www.x-plane.com/2011/08/x-plane-v10-for-desktop-is-coming/ Christmas 2011.
  7. In the real world (which X Plane models better than Flight Simulator) you are most stable, in cruise, at a "cruise RPM". The reason your piper wants to roll in flight is due to propeller torque, or p-factor. Basically the propeller is trying to torque the rest of the aircraft around its rotational axis, which results in a perceived left roll. As was said, most small piston-powered general aviation aircraft don't have aileron trim. So throttle back, or give it some right rudder.
  8. http://csl.x-air.ru/ Cool new tool that I just found. From what I gather, it makes management of CSLs much easier so that planes on VATSIM will show up in the model and livery (if available and specified) that they actually are.
  9. I'll try to make the FNO tonight in a Citation Mustang, and definitely parts of America the Beautiful tomorrow in my Mooney M20J!
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