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  1. Glad to find this thread as I was worried I was the only one. I'm also in the UAE (Dubai) and have been getting consistently kicked by vpilot after 20-30 seconds. If you keep trying, there might be the one time where it actually logs on and stays logged in (enough to also inject other players) but soon after, it kicks you out again. Someone mentioned that this could be something to do with the ISP and the VOIP ban in the region so I decided to boot up the POSCON client and that had no problems staying online. It could very well be the ISP (Etisalat, in my case too) that is messing
  2. Yes Matt, will finally join in on an event I use Vroute for my flight planning and then simply export it to my aircraft but these routes weren't mentioned and have been added now, yours truly . The route OTBD-OMDB needed some modification as L305 isn't available above FL215. Therefore that route will show FL180-FL210 if anyone was to search for it on Vroute. Cheers.
  3. Couldn't possibly be the card alone. I use the same card and get decent frames/second at the busiest of airports. According to me, its the latter part of your advise. The CPU and/or HDD performance. Cheers, Karan
  4. Hi Eliot, Did you try checking for the latest drivers for your graphics card ? Flight Simulator X is very picky about its systems. It could run perfectly on a Core 2 Duo at 2.4Ghz and run like [Mod - lovely stuff] on a system like yours or mine which are identical and far superior than a C2D. However, selecting the right hardware goes a long way in making sure everything works with each other and gives you the best out of your system. Try updating your graphic card drivers, free up some of your speed by stopping unwanted programs from working in the background and keep your frames pe
  5. Hi guys, I hope this message finds you in good health. Middle East traffic has been quite low in numbers, especially when compared to IVAO traffic for the same region. I have been a honest member of VATME for quite some time now and have definitely been controlled most of the time, if not always. Maybe a few of the points mentioned below will make us better understand as to how we can step up traffic : 1. Staffed airports definitely pull in the numbers. I'm sure you already know that and I believe there already is a session allotted for Dubai to be controlled on specific days (Saturd
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