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  1. There are billions of callsign options, litterally. Whats the point of needing that specific callsign?
  2. Thanks, so I posted this before testing and just watching that specific video, thanks for it btw! My problem was related to this: but apparently Xpilot is able to find the files itself. Never had to enter some info there but it popped up when starting xplane. Anyway, thanks for the help Regards.
  3. As the title says, there doesn't seem to be a guide on what to do inside xplane with the CSL package. Can anyone help me to make a simple guide on the process from downloading CSL to getting into VATSIM?
  4. That would explain it. Actually you can see a few planes with short range even though they are high. Thanks for the help.
  5. Why do some planes have wildly different ranges on AFV even though they have almost the same altitude? Check this picture for ref.
  6. Fine, i'll post it in it's own topic on this forum.
  7. What is the reason behind all channels being locked on the AFV discord? Can there not be a "no support from developers but general Q&A answers with answers from other users" channel that is not locked?
  8. Thanks for the quick answer Roland. Now that I know it is 3292 it really isn't a problem. It would maybe be nice to have it more docomeented (like maybe in the first flight checklist) so that everyone is aware of the difference.
  9. I am not so good with network technology but I know I had problems with port forwarding on Xsquawkbox so I opened those ports. I flew Yesterday in the Adriatic region with Swift and I had small comm problems and my question is, does Swift use the same ports for VATSIM?
  10. I just want to say that it did solve the problem. Thanks for the help.
  11. So this is a port forwarding issue as well. Rgr.
  12. It is a weird problem I have. It happens quite often that I can hear ATC perfectly fine but after some time I can not hear them anymore. I do not feel that I experience this when changing frequencies often. If I recycle the VHF then it is ok again for a while. If I tap the transmit button I can hear the ATC again but as soon as I stop transmitting it stops again. This has caused a lot of embarr[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing moments when I kept talking over ATC or that I didn't hear them when they gave me a new order. Anyone knows what I can do about this? Regards, Manfred
  13. It has one but it is as bad as the standard windows one. I want to see the numbers exactly so i can be certain that I have the middle. It is kinda harder with something that forces you to spin 360 degrees because there is no way to enter a deadzone.
  14. I apologize if there is a tread about it but a quick search didn't help me. I have a CH fighterstick and a pro throttle and I would like to have them perfectly calibrated. Unfortunately the original windows software is quite [Mod - lovely stuff]py and doesn't really help me calibrating in dead zones and so on. I would like to use FSUIPC but the problem is that PMDG doesn't want to use FSUIPC calibration, is there an alternate program or software to calibrate joysticks? Regards, Manfred
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