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  1. They were listening! https://youtu.be/0aWqB5n_lM0?t=4511 For anyone that hasn't, now is the time to vote to get this bumped up the que! https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/vatsim-ivao-lnm-etc-all-need-their-simconnect-injected-aircraft-to-show-labels/362824
  2. If you are registered on the MSFS forums, please up vote this so V-pilot/VATSIM can implement this feature as well as other multiplayer add-ons. Let's get Asobo's attention! Thanks. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/injected-simconnect-aircraft-show-labels/362824
  3. Yes, they have a full plate! Thanks for the help! If anyone else has suggestions in the mean time, please feel free to share!
  4. Yes, the community add-on helps significantly. The default are obnoxious, mostly the grey background. If anyone can help or contact Asobo, that would be great. Otherwise I am down to putting up a feature request and praying for votes. Maybe fixing the labels and getting third party to work would be great. I would assume the "partnership" may have some weight here. And since I would imagine at this point, Vatsim probably does not ask for much in development terms, maybe there is a better chance we can help make the sim better for everyone, even in general.
  5. It does not seem like labels are working in MSFS with any third party multiplayer service. While this may not be as important for Vatsim, it is more important in other areas, and I think at least allowing pilots to have the option to use labels would be nice. Even if they do not transmit secondary data such as speed, heading, and altitude. Why am I asking here? I have searched the internet and found no good information. I know Vatsim has a relationship, or at least a line of communication with Asobo to hopefully help resolve this. What I know so far is it seems Simconnect is not tran
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