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  1. If you're open to flying in the U.S, VATUSA has many great airports that offer the opportunity to fly VFR and IFR from Class B, C and D airports. For starters, a really nice and easy IFR flight would be KLAS-KLAX. Routes are simple and the ZLA controllers are great at helping new pilots. If your looking for some VFR in a C172, flying around the NORCAL (Northern California Area) outside of the SFO Class B airspace is great. Good scenery (if you have ORBX Global) and lots of great airports hidden in the valleys. -Cody
  2. I'm not to familiar with European ATC but from what you've said I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume you where flying somewhere in that region. When they issue that initial clearance, its just telling you the departure procedure and runway to expect and initial climb out. Once you set all that up in the FMC, you request push clearance, then taxi, then takeoff. A squawk will be issued somewhere around in there but i'm not sure when. Hope this helps.
  3. There isn't really a procedure. If you crash, your sim crashes etc.. and you pilot client is still open, just send a message saying "My sim has crashed, I'll be disconnecting" or "Having to log off at this time, thanks for your help". Something along those lines to just let the controller know he may loose a radar track on you.
  4. Looking good! Looking forward to when USA Center sectors are added
  5. Planning on adding center sectors to be shown on the site?
  6. Are you sure the WoAI pack you are using has the aircraft in the pack? If you set everything up correctly, you shouldn't be getting any errors. If vPilot cant find the plane from the pack you provided it, it wont show up and will give you an error.
  7. Thats awesome. Wonder if the FAA accepts transfer hours from VATSIM
  8. To reiterate what have may already been said in this thread (I didn't bother looking), when calling for a SUP PLEASE include a reason stating why you need help in your .WALLOP. I have seen this all to recently these past few weeks. Bad example: .WALLOP I need help - This does us absolutely no good. Good example: .WALLOP AALXX No contact for XX mins (If applicable) ----- or .WALLOP AWEXX Disrespectful and interrupting transmissions. This tells us what we are dealing with, who we are dealing with and lets us take immediate steps to solve it. Whereas if we get "I NEED HE
  9. When? November 16, 2014 from 2300Z-0200Z. Join ZOA as we light up our bay airports for an unforgettable evening. We will be staffing up San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose for pilots. Around this time of the year, ZOA offers some of the most beautiful scenery in America. From the fog over the golden gate to the magnificent fall sunsets, join us on November 16 for some fantastic ATC and a sure to have good time! Bring you're jumbo jet or you're ole Cessna and enjoy the evening with us!
  10. What this tells me is that you Pirated the software. (Which is not supported in any way shape or form here at VATSIM). If you are not able to get weather data that means you have no subscription to the NOAA server which means you do not have a registered account with Aerosoft and therefor did not purchase the product.
  11. Book your flight today! Visit http://calscream.com/ for more info. About CalScream: Besides being online simulation's largest fly-in event, CalScream is unique because during the event, pilots and controllers re-enact the most accurate duplication of real-world flying seen. Rather than the unrealistic sight of having 300 planes in a single-file line going to one airport, where you follow one guy in front of you for 250 miles (whom you may never see), we encourage a greater mix and sprea
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