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  1. Well, now I feel stupid. With the last version all I had to do was start the sim, then start Swift, and everything sort of fell in place. Now, I have to take the extra step of connecting via the sim multi-player option. But, it seems to work. I'll post again IF I still need help. Thank you again for all your efforts.
  2. Ok, think I've solved the logon problem so FS9 and Swift are talking.
  3. Thanks for your help Andreas. Yeh, I find my last name works well with this software. However, seems to be about all I can get to work well. I'm using FS9 (no I never upgraded). When I press the connect button, the sim light does not light. The only things that do are the network and audio, however, if I press my push-to-talk button, it lights. I can see aircraft and ATC listed when I push those buttons (and radar), though they are all in Europe. I've got FS9 set up for pattern work in Albany, NY, USA (KALB). Somewhere, somehow, I've messed that up too. Anyway, one thing at a tim
  4. Yep. Before I press connect, that is exactly what it shows. After I connect, that widget seems to change and the pilot status disappears.
  5. I've loaded version 0.9.3.XXXXX without problem, but it shows me as co-pilot/observer. I've tried to find how to change it to pilot with no joy. Anyone know how to do it? Thanks in advance.
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