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  1. I'm getting large volume spikes at random times on all frequencies. It gets so loud at times I have to remove my headset. These spikes only occur for a few seconds, and then the volume goes back to normal. I'm using vPilot, and always update when prompted to do so. I've tried adjusting the volume slider, but it doesn't help. I haven't heard anyone reporting this, so it may be something on my end. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks. Pete Locascio
  2. OK. Do a search of your C drive for "SimConnect.dll". Copy and paste it into the VPilot folder. That should fix the problem. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.
  3. I'll have to try to retrace my steps and remember exactly what I did. I'll get back to you.
  4. Never mind, I put all the WOAI planes in the P3Dv4 sim objects airplanes folder. It just needed a restart of the computer, I guess, since they were all recognized when I fired up my machine this morning.
  5. When I used FSX, vPilot recognized all the WOAI airplanes I had installed. There were about 1100 of them. I put the WOAI aircraft into the sim objects (airplanes) file of P3Dv4, but vPilot still doesn't recognize them. I have the latest version. It was automatic with FSX. What ,EXACTLY, do I need to do to get vPilot to recognize my WOAI aircraft in P3Dv4. Thanks. Pete Locascio
  6. I just switched from FSX to P3Dv4. Now when starting the latest version of VPilot, I get a message that says "Unhandled exception: SimConnect not found." Please tell me exactly what I need to do to fix this. All the other addons and programs I have, are working OK. Thanks.
  7. I know, but is that an option that maybe could be added sometime in the future? It was a really useful feature of FSInn. Also, have you ever seen aircraft that show up like a silhouette? They look completely black, with no color or livery, but they move like normal aircraft. Very strange. Thanks for your replies.
  8. Yes. Changing while you're flying in the INN panel. I didn't see anything about being able to do that in the manual. I'll look again, though.
  9. I used FSinn for a few years, but was unable to make it work when I upgraded my computer. I now use vPilot and I have to admit I really like it. The only additional feature I'd like to see is the ability to refine the model matching selection made by vPilot. With FSInn, you could change any aircraft into whatever model you wanted, as long as it was in your list of Sim Objects (airplanes), in FSX. I'm just wondering if something like this could be incorporated into vPilot? Thanks Pete Locascio
  10. Ok, I meant voice communications, not text. It would be nice to have that capability, but it's not really all that important. Thanks.
  11. Is there a way to communicate with other aircraft or to broadcast on Unicom 122.8?
  12. I'm basically interested in display aircraft, since all I fly is the PMDG B748. I went to WoAI and started downloading sets of aircraft, and yes, it is well worth the time it takes to do it. I'm using FSinn and it displays whatever aircraft I select, instantly. Thanks so much for your info. Pete L.
  13. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this question, but here goes. I'm looking to add aircraft to my "stable" for accurate aircraft recognition purposes when flying on the Vatsim network. I've gone to a lot of sites, but I really don't know who to trust for quality FSX aicraft downloads. Some of them advertise FS2004 aircraft which they claim to be compatible with FSX, but I've had interaction problems with my PMDG aircraft. I tried importing the B777-300 from my copy of FS 2004, but there was no sound and all the cockpit displays were blank. It also caused so many problems with m
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