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  1. My EuroScope tries to reach sector providers and returns 404 errors. It used to work in the past. Any idea how this occurred? Also, how can I change the list of servers it tries?
  2. The euroNAT plugin, the source code of which I have and can share with you, fetches info from outside sources and draws the North Atlantic Routes on the radar scope. If you want it please send me a private message and give me your email.
  3. Can you please make it such that NY_CTR and NY_*_CTR map to New York Center (they do now) but NY_CCO_CTR and NY_BDA_CTR map to New York Oceanic (different from current behavior)? For refence, NY_FSS and NY_*_FSS currently (correctly) map to New York Oceanic. Also, can you please make it such that BDA_TWR and BDA_GND map to TXKF's ground and tower positions?
  4. I believe importing airway and ISEC data is not enough. You also need your sector file to contain the locations of all waypoints that are used by those waypoints. Here is a way to test my theory: go to Display Settings and check all FIXes, VORs and NDBs on. Then zoom back and see if the fixes needed for that flight plan are there or not. If they are not, then ES has no way to draw the rest of the route for you. PS: In most cases, people don't NEED all these fixes in their sector file, so those who make the sector files usually only included what is necessary. At ZNY, where I create the
  5. Hi. The text doesn't have any links; please post the links so we can benefit from the plug-in. Also, I highly encourage you to post the source code of the plug-in online as well (for example on GitHub).
  6. To the best of my understanding, EuroScope does NOT care about barometric pressure as far as data tags are concerned. It gets one (and only one) altitude data from the pilot's software, and that is the TRUE altitude. If a pilot flies at an indicated altitude of 3,000' and sets their altimeter to the correct value (I will define "correct" in a second), then their client will determine that their TRUE altitude is also 3,000 and will report that on the network; EuroScope receives that value and shows that in the data tag. If a pilot flies at an indicated altitude of 3,000' but their altim
  7. Please post a few examples of the flight plans that cause problems. Also, please provide a screenshot of what you described as "web of obscure legs".
  8. Please email it to me as I explained in VATUSA forums.
  9. Aah, I totally forgot about that. My apologies.
  10. Don, any updates here? If not, I will go ahead and use a different data source for euroNAT, so at least EuroScope controllers see the correct information.
  11. Why don't you update the link on http://www1.metacraft.com/VATSpy/ ?
  12. Not with the current version, no. However, I am working on a new version in which it will use the same font size and color that you use for other fixes. The reason that version is not released already is because the source of NAT data (which is a VATSIM source) is outdated and I have asked for it to be fixed. If that doesn't get fixes, I might end up creating my own data parsing mechanism and release the next version altogether.
  13. I keep finding this out and forgetting: There is a way that you can set the EuroScope lists (sector inbound, sector outbound, departures, arrivals, etc) to pin to the top-left of the screen, or you can set them to be freely movable in the screen. Where is that option?
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